How to Draw Cartoon People (And Body Parts)

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How do you draw a person and achieve your goal of turning him into a superb drawing? Cartoon people have unique physical particularities that you need to understand and study.

If you don't know how to draw a simple hand or a nose, chances are you won't be able to know how to draw people that will look convincing to your readers.

Of course, you can always play with each body parts of your character if you wish. Do you prefer to draw someone with four fingers? Go ahead! You want to create a woman with long legs and small arms? Why not!

That's the beauty of being a cartoonist! You can do whatever you want! But to do so, you've got to understand and study each part of the body first.

Drawing a person is really simple once you know what they're made of. Take a look at all the examples below and study each of them carefully. Once you will feel more comfortable, play with those parts and start creating amazing cartoon characters!

Are these drawing lessons for beginners or not?

Of course, these drawing lessons are easy and can be done by beginners with basic abilities. No need to use complex shapes or create amazing textures to get the desired effects. 

A few lessons (like the pants or the t-shirt) requires a few notions that are more difficult to apply. Indeed, shapes are not easy to duplicate and adding a few extra elements to create shadows and reflections can be more challenging.

Why pants and t-shirts? These are not bodyparts!

It's true, but these elements are crucial to create the perfect cartoon people. These tutorials should help you draw all those basic elements that are needed to end up with a realistic and interesting cartoon character.

The next step is to practice drawing these elements and incorporate them into your illustrations. Even more important is the fact that you must use your own style to draw your cartoon people. Don't hesitate to try different things. You never know what will be relevant or not until you draw it yourself!

Yes! It's time to draw and practice now! :)

Cool! All the most important bodyparts that you need to draw are available below. Don't hesitate to try them all and practice as much as needed to help you find you own style.

Like I always suggest, don't hesitate to use a drawing software to convert your illustrations into vector designs. Vector images always look more professional and it's an easy way to improve your artwork in no time! So start sketching right now and happy cartooning!

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