how to draw a cartoon penguin

Drawing a cartoon penguin can be a fun and easy experience using this simple step-by-step drawing lesson. I will show you how to come up with a basic character made from simple shapes and lines in just six easy steps. Penguins are one of my favorite animals to draw (it's so true that this site already has seven tutorials featuring this cute character ... excluding this one!). Maybe it's because these adorable creatures are easy to create or because you don't have to add several details to draw a recognizable animal. Let's see how we can draw this fun illustration now.

How to draw a cartoon penguin

drawing the head and body

The first shape we need to create is the head and body. Both parts are done using a single rectangle made from long curved lines. Notice how the top of the shape is slightly narrower. Also, all lines can be pointed and sharp on both ends. It can be the case for all future lines too.

How to draw a cartoon penguin

adding two simple wings

Penguins do have two short flippers on both sides of the body. They can use these to swim quickly under water. You can use a mix of straight and curved lines to draw these flippers. Once again, all ends of these lines can be sharp and pointed.

How to draw a cartoon penguin

sketching two large feet

On the bottom of the character, you can draw two large feet using long curved lines. Make sure all shapes are flat on the bottom and rounder on top. Good work! Now let's proceed to the most important step of all ... creating the facial expression of the cartoon penguin.

How to draw a cartoon penguin

drawing a nice face that looks cute and adorable

The most important aspect of a cartoon character is definitely the face. If you can make this one cute and expressive, then drawing an adorable animal will become an easy task. You can start with the creation of the eyes using large circular shapes.

Next, draw the pupils using small dots. Eyebrows can be drawn using short lines and they must be added slightly above the head. Finally, complete this step with the addition of a large beak made from circular lines.

How to draw a cartoon penguin

Adding one small detail

Some animals have several details to set them apart from other characters. In this case, our cartoon penguin is only missing a small patch on the stomach. Fortunately, colors will help us make sure this cute creature is really a penguin and not a simple random bird ...

How to draw a cartoon penguin

time to add simple colors to our cartoon penguin

Inside the cartoon penguin, you can now add a few basic colors to complete this tutorial. The beak and the feet are colored in orange. Both pupils can be blue. The patch found on the stomach is white. The rest of the character is filled with a dark grey color.

How to draw a cartoon penguin

Let's draw more cute animals and characters like this one!

Below you can see all steps needed to draw the penguin quickly and easily. If you want to try more animals and characters from the series, then feel free to do so. Now that you are familiar with the drawing process, creating a wide variety of characters is easier than ever. Have fun drawing and don't forget that practicing is the key to become better at drawing.

How to draw a cartoon penguin

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