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How to Draw Cartoon Parents holding hands

How To Draw Cartoon Parents Holding Hands

Drawing cartoon parents might not seem like a fun subject to work with at first. Still, sketching two lovely characters holding hands can be a fun exercise to achieve.

Don't hesitate to draw each character separately if you don't feel comfortable drawing both characters simultaneously. It's not easy to get the distance right if you are trying to sketch both characters at the same time.

I hope you will enjoy this simple tutorial and be creative! You can add more details and accessories on both characters if you want. Try playing with clothing, hair, body shape and more. This drawing lesson is just a guideline. Your goal is to create something new and original from it.

Ready? Let's start drawing now ...

sketching the heads using simple oval shapes

First, you can draw the heads using perfect oval shapes. Both heads are roughly the same size. However, the head of the male is slightly higher. Also, notice the distance between both shapes. You can simply imagine that another head must fit between both oval shapes if you are not sure.

How To Draw Cartoon Parents

adding the torso and the arms

Using mostly rectangles, you can now draw the torsos and the arms of both cartoon parents. First, sketch a small neck using a small square. Below the neck, you can add a long rectangle to form the torso.

For the arms, you can use long and thin rectangles. For the hands, small oval shapes are needed. Remember that both characters are holding hands, so make sure the posture is drawn accordingly.

How To Draw Cartoon Parents

drawing the legs and the shoes

For the male, you can draw two long rectangles to illustrate the legs. Below the legs, sketch some shoes using short curved lines. In the case of the female character, you can create a dress using a perfect square. Once again, shoes can be done using curved lines.

How To Draw Cartoon Parents

it's time to polish the silhouette of both characters

So far, basic shapes were used to create the posture and work on proportions. It's now time to use nice curved lines to draw the mom and the dad. You can see the anatomy of both cartoon parents below. Once you are finished, you can erase the basic shapes used in the previous lessons.

How To Draw Cartoon Parents

working on the hands of our subjects

You can also polish the hands using small curved lines. Since we are creating cartoon characters, you can add four fingers only. Notice the posture of both hands that are used to hold each other. Small curved lines are used inside the chest of the mother.

How To Draw Cartoon Parents

drawing fun heads inside the cartoon parents

Both characters are gifted with large eyes made from oval shapes. For the pupils, small dots are used. The nose and the mouth of both parents are created with small curved lines. You can also work on the hairstyle of our subjects. Great! We are done sketching these characters.

How To Draw Cartoon Parents

let's play with colors!

The shirt of the male is filled with a subtle blue color. For the pants, you can use a dark green color. The shoes, the mustache and the hair can be brown. The eyes are white and the pupils are black.

For the mother, you can add a bright orange color for the short. The hair is also orange, but this time the color is slightly brighter. The dress is dark and the shoes are brown.

How To Draw Cartoon Parents

using gradients to create more volume

If you are using a vector application, you can add gradients to create more depth inside this illustration. Of course, this basic effect can also be added if you are using different tools. As you can see below, most shapes are now darker near the bottom and much brighter near the top. Even the skin is affected by this basic effect.

How To Draw Cartoon Parents

Nice work! I hope you had fun learning to draw these adorable characters. Remember that parents can have various clothing, accessories, shapes and colors. Just draw two cute characters and don't hesitate to unleash your creativity.

More lessons related to family can be found below. Have fun and don't forget to practice as often as possible. Enjoy! :)

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