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How to draw a cartoon panther, a fox and a husky

How To Draw A Cartoon Panther, A Fox And A Husky

Learn how to draw a cartoon panther, a fox and a husky using this basic step-by-step drawing lesson. Indeed, I will show you how to create a basic template that will be used to create all three animals. Even more interesting is the fact that you can also use these tips to create a wide variety of characters. If you can draw a simple shape using curved lines, then drawing all three animals should be relatively easy. Ready? Let's start working on the first cartoon character now ...

Draw a nice cartoon panther in just four easy steps

First, sketch the head using a long curved line. Use the same technique to create the body, but make sure this new shape is smaller. Draw two large ears on top of the head. Then, add facial features on the character like the eyes, the nose, the whiskers and a large patch around the mouth.

Next, draw all four legs and the tail using a mix of short curved lines. A large patch is also added on the chest of the cartoon animal. Finally, add gray colors inside the character like shown in the illustration below.

How To Draw A Cartoon Panther, A Fox And A Husky

a colorful fox that looks soooooo cute!

It's now time to create a colorful cartoon fox using a similar template. Indeed, the head, body and ears are drawn exactly like the ones created in the previous lesson. This time, you can add small triangles near the cheeks. Inside the head, draw the eyes using dots and the nose using an oval shape. Create the mouth with a tiny curved line.

Around the mouth, sketch a long oval shape. Draw all four legs using short curved lines. Sketch a large tail using more curved lines. Complete this lesson with the addition of bright colors (mostly brown / orange).

How To Draw A Cartoon Panther, A Fox And A Husky

An adorable cartoon husky to complete this short series

This character is also done using the same process as previously, but with a few major differences. First, both ears are longer and slightly larger. You can draw small triangles near the cheeks to form hair. The pattern around the mouth also includes the eyes. You will need a dark gray color to complete this lesson.

How To Draw A Cartoon Panther, A Fox And A Husky

Good job drawing all three characters ... time to draw more!

I hope you had fun creating this cartoon panther, fox and husky. You can find more characters from the same series here. Don't forget to practice as often as possible and feel free to unleash your creativity and draw more cute cartoon animals using your imagination. ;)

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