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How to Draw A Cartoon Panda using rectangles

How To Draw A Cartoon Panda Using Rectangles

Learn to draw a cartoon panda made from basic rectangles and squares in this easy step-by-step drawing lesson. Yes, all you need to do to illustrate this wonderful creature is sketch a few basic shapes and add colors (well, mostly gray and black).

Pandas are adorable animals often depicted with nice circular shapes and curved lines. That's why drawing a version using mostly sharp shapes can be a fun challenge. The fun part is that even if this adorable panda is made from rectangles and squares, the result is still cute and fun to look at.

drawing the head and the body first

You can start this lesson by sketching the body and the head of the cartoon panda using rectangles. First, work on the head using a flat shape. For the body, you can use a taller shape. Notice how both rectangles are joined together near the neck. Both shapes also have the same width. Great! Let's proceed with the next step now. :)

How To Draw A Cartoon Panda

Adding the back legs and a simple patch

Inside the body, you can sketch another rectangle to illustrate a basic patch. This new shape needs to be slightly smaller than the one used to form the body. On both sides of the character (and near the bottom), you can draw the back legs using small squares.

How To Draw A Cartoon Panda

sketching more patches inside the head

Inside the head, draw two small squares that will be used to illustrate the patches usually found around the eyes. Make sure these new shapes are located on top of the head. Nice! Our tutorial is slowly progressing towards the conclusion. :)

How To Draw A Cartoon Panda

working on the ears and the front legs

On top of the head, you can draw two small ears on both sides of subject. You can use tiny rectangles as shown in the illustration below. Pandas have small ears, so make sure these new shapes are subtle.

On the bottom of the cartoon panda, you can also sketch both front legs. To do so, simply use small rectangles. These new additions can be located on top of the patch and the body.

How To Draw A Cartoon Panda

adding some personality to the animal

Inside both patches located in the head, you can draw the pupils using small dots. Both new shapes can be close to each other. Then, add the nose using a small square as shown in the image below. Nice work! The character is now completely drawn. All we need to do is add some colors.

How To Draw A Cartoon Panda

it's time to play with colors inside the cartoon panda!

Like I said earlier, this character is mostly filled with black and white colors. A few gray areas can also be added to create more contrast. As you can see below, most shapes are filled with gradients. This is very obvious inside all four legs. The white shapes are also slightly gray near the bottom.

How To Draw A Cartoon Panda

Excellent work! I hope you had fun working with this adorable character. This lesson is a nice example of how complex characters can be drawn using only a few basic shapes. You can use this lesson and draw more fun animals using only rectangles and squares.

If you prefer to try more conventional tutorials, then additional fun pandas can be found below. Have fun and remember to practice often. It's the key to success!

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