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How to Draw A Cartoon Nose that looks good

Drawing a cartoon nose can be an interesting challenge if you want to illustrate this part of the body accurately. In the wonderful world of cartoons, a nose can be done using a simple curved line. In some occasions, you might want to experiment with a more complex and realistic version. In this lesson, I will show you how to sketch a nice nose using only a few lines and some fun examples.

Did you know that smell and taste are heavily related? In fact, more than 80% of what we taste is due to our sense of smell! Even if this part of the body is mostly made from cartilage, a broken nose can be more painful than it looks (and it does look quite agonizing). Let's start this tutorial by studying a basic picture filled with interesting tips.

a simple picture to help us analyze a beautiful nose

It can be a good idea to study our subject carefully before proceeding with the step-by-step tutorial. First, the top of the nose is called the dorsum (1). In this section, a small bone is visible. Near the middle of the image, you can see the tip of the dorsum (2). This one is made of cartilage.

The rounder area on both sides is called the ala (5). You can also see the naris (4). The nose is really delicate and thin since it belongs to a teenage girl. Notice how the philtrum (3) (the two little edge) is making the connection between the bottom of the nose and the top of the lips.

How To Draw A Cartoon Nose

Decomposing the picture into sharp lines

This cartoon nose was created from a bunch of lines and two small round shapes (for the naris). You can see that a long line is added on the right side of the subject. This one is covering the dorsum and ends near the naris.

On the opposite side, only a small fragment is sketched. On the left side, a large line is drawn to form the ala. The philtrum is represented by two short lines on the bottom of the nose. All lines are pointed and slightly pointed near both ends.

How To Draw A Cartoon Nose

drawing a simple cartoon nose using lines

Cool! Now that we have studied this picture using simple lines, let's draw our own version using this step-by-step lesson. First, you can draw a long line to form the right side of the dorsum. Near the bottom of the drawing, sketch two large oval shapes. Once you are done, use all these elements to polish the silhouette of the cartoon nose (step 2).

Then, add the naris using small circles. In the fourth step, you can add details all around the nose. Then, add colors to create some depth and volume. Notice how the tip of the nose is brighter. Areas around the naris and along the dorsum are darker.

How To Draw A Cartoon Nose

You can draw more noses using various techniques

Like I said earlier, a nose can be made using a wide variety of techniques. In the first example below, you can see that the nose of the character was made from a simple line. In the second option, a side version of a huge nose is visible.

For the third head, the nose is represented by an oval shape filled with small holes. The fourth illustration is slightly more realistic. The last two alternatives are featuring characters with huge round noses. It's not the most appealing option, but it can work for cartoon characters.

How To Draw A Cartoon Nose

Hopefully you had fun learning how to draw a nose made from basic shapes, lines and colors. Feel free to experiment and try new ways to illustrate this fun part of the body. More adorable body parts can be found below if you wish to continue your drawing journey featuring facial features. :)

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