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How to Draw A Cartoon Ninja ready for some action

How To Draw A Cartoon Ninja Ready For Some Action

This lesson will give you tips on how to draw a cartoon ninja! These fascinating athletes have been the heroes (or villains) of many martial arts movies. They are pretty agile, strong and quick. You will learn to draw a ninja holding a ninja star and a long sabre, ready to fight until the morning!

Let's start our lesson now! You can begin with the video found below or proceed with the step-by-step version located after the video. :)

Step 1

How To Draw A Cartoon Ninja

We will work on the head of our character first. Just draw a nice and precise circle to illustrate the head. Inside this circle, sketch two more circles to create the eyes. Over the top of the eyes, add a large and thin rectangle to represent the headband. On the right side of the headband, just draw a small circle with two triangles.

Step 2

How To Draw A Cartoon Ninja

Our ninja will be drawn in a fighting position (not quite fighting, but ready to do so). So it's really important to study the next two illustrations carefully to get that position right. Draw the body with a medium square. Like you can see on the image above, this square is slightly incline.

The left arm of the ninja (the one on your right) can be sketched with a long and thin rectangle. For the right arm, just draw it using two rectangles. Both hands can be represented with circles.

Step 3

How To Draw A Cartoon Ninja

The legs too are drawn in an unusual position. Just use a total of five rectangles like shown above to make both legs and feet.

Step 4

How To Draw A Cartoon Ninja

When you are done with the character, add the accessories like the start and the sabre. Small basic shapes like a circle or a rectangle will do for now.

Step 5

How To Draw A Cartoon Ninja

OK! It's time to refine the outline of our little martial expert! Work on the head and make sure that both eyes are clear and visible. Keep the head of your ninja round and tight.

Step 6

How To Draw A Cartoon Ninja

For the upper part of the body, use some nice curved lines to illustrate the chest and the arms. A ninja does have a great discipline! That's a quality that should be visible through his posture and gesture.

Step 7

How To Draw A Cartoon Ninja

Do the same for the lower part of the body. If you look carefully at the illustration above, you will notice that the feet are not drawn the same way. The reason is simple! The foot on your right is facing the reader. Therefore, since we see this foot from the front, it should look rounder and narrower.

Step 8

How To Draw A Cartoon Ninja

Good! Now add some colors (mostly black, brown and red) to complete your masterpiece! Drawing a nice cartoon ninja is not too difficult to do. You just need to sketch a black suit, create an exciting posture for your character and add some neat accessories! I hope this ninja drawing lesson was interesting and amusing! Good luck and have fun!

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