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Drawing a cartoon Mrs Claus that looks fabulous

Drawing A Cartoon Mrs Claus

Learning how to draw a cartoon Mrs Claus can be an interesting challenge. Unlike Santa himself, Mrs Claus is not always depicted the same way. This means that drawing this iconic character can become a nice opportunity to unleash your creativity and try a few things. For this particular drawing lesson, let's focus on a cute version filled with basic colors and wearing simple clothes.

working on the silhouette of the character

Let's start this lesson on how to draw Mrs Claus with the creation of the silhouette. You can start by drawing the head using straight lines. The hair is also done with simple lines. Ears are created from small oval shapes and a large chin is added near the top of the dress. Next, you can create the body and the arms using thinner curved lines with pointed ends.

Drawing A Cartoon Mrs Claus

adding the face and a few patterns

Inside the head, you can draw the eyes using small circles. Pupils are made from simple dots. You can draw the mouth and the eyebrows using more curved lines. Don't forget to sketch the nose and glasses just below the eyes. On the dress, sketch two stripes ... one vertical and one horizontal.

Drawing A Cartoon Mrs Claus

working with gradients

Sketching a cute cartoon Mrs Claus is nice, but adding colors to bring this character to life is even better. To do so, let's work with gradients. Basically, we need to add two different versions of the same color inside each shape. As you can see below, the dress is much darker near the bottom compared to the top. Use the same technique on all shapes used to form the character.

Drawing A Cartoon Mrs Claus

drawing simple shadows to create volume

Another simple thing we can do to improve this version of Mrs Claus is add basic shadows. These new shapes must be dark and placed in areas that are not affected by the (virtual) light source. It's also a good idea to apply transparency on all new shapes created inside the image.

You can add shadows inside the hair, around the eyes, below the nose and near the chin. More shadows are drawn near the elbows, below the hands, on the dress and on the white stripes.

Drawing A Cartoon Mrs Claus

adding just a few highlights to complete this lesson

On top of the head, draw a large white shape as seen below (with the pink outline). You can draw another shapes like this one below the chin. Just like we did with the shadows previously, we need to add transparency on both shapes so that we can enjoy a subtle result.

Drawing A Cartoon Mrs Claus

good job learning to draw a cartoon Mrs Claus

That's it! This cartoon Mrs Claus is now completed. Like I said previously, you can try more versions of this character by changing the posture, the colors, the patterns or by adding more textures. You are only limited by your imagination! :)

Drawing A Cartoon Mrs Claus
Drawing A Cartoon Mrs Claus

Above, you can see all steps required to illustrate this lovely character quickly and easily. Now that you know how to draw Mrs Claus using fun digital effects, why not try more cartoon illustrations from Christmas here?

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