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How to Draw A Cartoon Mouth that is wide open

Drawing a cartoon mouth can be filled with multiple challenge if you want to draw a realistic version of this body part. Indeed, some shapes and lines needed can be tricky to achieve. For instance, lips have a unique shape that must be drawn properly to be effective. Adding teeth can also be difficult if not done like it should. In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a mouth in eight easy steps.

Here are two fun facts before proceeding with this lesson. When leaving your mouth, the food you just chewed usually goes into your stomach in about height seconds. Also, the tongue of the crocodile is not located on bottom of its mouth like humans, but rather on the roof! That's ... interesting! :)

let's study a simple mouth using a photography

Excellent! Before proceeding with the tutorial, it can be a good idea to study this area of the body more carefully. To draw a cool mouth you need to know how to sketch teeth (4), lips (5), a tongue (5) and the gum (1). Usually, an adult will have 32 teeth in his mouth including the wisdom teeth (some people have those extracted).

The teeth are disposed in a "U" shape. Very often, when someone smiles, we only see the gum near the top of the mouth. The gum in the bottom is hidden by the lower lip. Also, note how the skin is reacting around the mouth once this one is opened. Even the cheeks are larger and more visible.

How To Draw A Cartoon Mouth

decomposing our photography into basic shapes

Looking at the shapes of our mouth, we can see that the lips are drawn using 4 simple lines (2 per lip). The teeth are mostly represented by circles while the tongue is sketch with two oval shapes. The upper lip also needs to be slightly bent near the middle. The bottom one is usually larger although it is difficult to see from this angle. You can also see a few lines around the mouth. Great! Let's proceed with the step-by-step lesson on how to draw a cartoon mouth.

How To Draw A Cartoon Mouth

how to draw a cartoon mouth in eight easy steps

First, we need to draw a basic shape that will be used as a template. Notice how both ends on the sides are sharp and pointed. Next, use this shape to polish the silhouette of the mouth. Notice the little bump on the upper lip. Draw additional lines inside the mouth to form the lips.

Then, you can draw the teeth using more circular shapes on the top and the bottom of the illustration. Teeth should be smaller near the sides. Add a tongue inside the mouth using two curved lines. Once you are done, you can add gradients inside the image as shown below.

How To Draw A Cartoon Mouth

nice work sketching and drawing this simple mouth!

Mouths can be done using a wide variety of lines and shapes. You can start by using only a large line and two short ones (3). If the mouth of your character is opened, then simply add a small circle to form the tongue (5). If you want to show teeth quickly and effectively, then all you need to do is sketch some basic lines (1, 8). Teeth can also be made from a single line and a few smaller ones (7).

How To Draw A Cartoon Mouth

I hope you had fun working on this important body part. You can learn how to draw more fun lessons from the human body below. Have fun with these additional lessons and enjoy! :)

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