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How to Draw Cartoon Monsters using a unique creature

Drawing cartoon monsters can be a fun task if you like to illustrate imaginary creatures. The concept of monsters is so vague that you can do virtually anything you can think of without doing something wrong. These creatures can have eight legs, seven eyes, four arms and two heads and still seem credible. All you have to do is draw whatever you have in mind.

Monsters are popular in movies, books, cartoons and graphic novels. It's hard to say when these creatures first appeared, but it's safe to say that they've been around for a long time. The most popular monsters to date are certainly Bigfoot, vampires and werewolves. They are without a doubt the most popular theme in B-movies!

Let's study a cute 3d sample

One thing most cartoon monsters have in common is the fact that they look scary. To do so, we need to add a few features that are repulsive and / or frightening. Our fun sample below is gifted with several long sharp teeth (1). Eyes are yellow and surrounded by a dark area.

On the back of the character, you can see long hair (2). This is not scary, but it's gross! The creature also has a long pointed tail (3) near the back legs. Arms are longer than the legs and long nails are covering the fingers (5). The neck of our subject is thick and short (4). The skin of the monster is gray and filled with subtle textures.

How To Draw Cartoon Monsters

decomposing our sample into basic shapes

This monster is really well designed. The body is made from large irregular shapes that are getting narrower near the legs. Teeth are represented by small triangles and ears are also made from this sharp shape. A small dot is used to form the eye.

For the arms and legs, you can use a multitude of small circles and oval shapes. Nails are done using long triangles. Excellent! This fun monster is a good example of what you can do using your imagination. It's now time to draw a fun creature using simpler elements.

How To Draw Cartoon Monsters

drawing cute cartoon monsters using basic shapes

This fun cartoon character is represented by a large rectangle. This shape will be used to draw the head and the body all at once. Next, sketch the legs using long curved lines. You can also polish the silhouette of the subject by adding round corners on the rectangle.

Next, add the arms using more curved lines. More tiny nails are added on the feet and hands of the creature. Inside the body, you can sketch the face of the beast. Eyes are made from circles that are different in sizes. A long line is used to form the mouth. The teeth is done using a triangle. Add colors inside the image and you are done.

How To Draw Cartoon Monsters

more cute monsters for you to enjoy!

It's time to use your imagination! As you can see below, the second subject represents the character we have drawn in this tutorial. The first one is rather funny while the third one is more realistic. The fourth one is featuring a creature with three eyes and no arms. I like the fifth one because it was sketched using mostly sharp lines.

How To Draw Cartoon Monsters

I hope you had fun working with all the creatures found on this page. Fortunately, more monsters are available on this site for you to draw. You can see a small sample below. Have fun using these additional resources and remember to practice on a daily basis. That's the best advice I can give you! :)

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