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How to Draw Cartoon Money using a free lesson

How To Draw Cartoon Money Using A Free Lesson

Drawing cartoon money can be done using multiple approaches. For this tutorial, let's see how we can draw money using a few dollar bills and a nice bag loaded with the precious object. Although this drawing lesson won't make you richer, it will certainly help you learn how to draw fun things quickly and easily (for free!).

Two simple alternatives can be used in this lesson. First, you can take a look at the short video below if you prefer to learn using a drawing tablet. If you want more details and prefer a simper approach, then the written version of this tutorial can be found below the video. Ready? Let's start creating fun content now ...

sketching a simple template to begin with

The first thing we can do before working on our subject is to create a template made from basic shapes. Once this is done, it will be easier to draw the silhouette of the bag. To illustrate this bag properly, let's start by drawing a large rectangle on top. Below the first shape, you can draw another rectangle, but this one must be thinner and narrower. Finally, add a large circle below both rectangles.

How To Draw Cartoon Money

representing money using more rectangles

Since it can be a good idea to also learn how to draw dollar bills, then adding one more rectangle is needed. This new shape is located on the right of the bag as shown in the illustration below. The object is floating in the air since both objects at not integrated into the same image. They just coexist so that we can learn how to draw them both.

How To Draw Cartoon Money

polishing the silhouette of the bag

Now that we are done drawing basic shapes to create a fun template, let's work on the silhouette of all these elements. First, you can polish the silhouette of the cartoon bag using a long irregular line. This line must be rounder on both sides, but flat near the bottom. You can see the current addition below (represented by a temporary red outline).

How To Draw Cartoon Money

adding more details to the illustration

Now that the main part of the bag is created, let's focus on the top using more irregular lines. The opening of the bag is close, so it's important to add a small rope (represented by the smaller rectangle drawn earlier. You can see how to illustrate this part of the bag below.

Like most cartoon images, it can also be a good idea to help the viewer know the exact content of the bag. To do so, simply add a large dollar sign on this one. Great! This lesson on how to draw cartoon money is progressing nicely. :)

How To Draw Cartoon Money

drawing more and more money

If you want to add a simple touch of realism to the image, then you can sketch basic shadows on the bag. These shadows are drawn using more irregular lines. For the dollar bills, you can add more rectangles on the back of the original one. You can also add dollar signs on the bills as well as a simple circle to complete this step.

How To Draw Cartoon Money

working with colors to complete the cartoon money

Now that all objects are created, it's time to add plain colors to the illustration. For the bag, you can use a subtle beige color. The rope can be brown. Shadows on the bag must be slightly darker. Of course, dollar bills are colored in green. The circular shape inside the bills can be darker. Nice work! We are done with this tutorial.

How To Draw Cartoon Money

Below you can see all steps needed to complete this drawing lesson grouped into a single image. Don't hesitate to study this image carefully if you need more help. You can also draw more versions using various patterns, colors or add more objects related to money. Just be creative.

How To Draw Cartoon Money

Now that we are done drawing cartoon money, you can try more fun lessons from this site below. You can learn how to draw the bad guys that are searching for easy money or the good guys that are stopping them. If you prefer to learn how to draw more simple objects, then click here.

Have fun sketching and drawing and remember to practice on a daily basis. It's the best thing you can do to improve your drawing skills quickly and effectively. Enjoy! :)

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