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How to Draw A Cartoon Mom with a lovely dress

How To Draw A Cartoon Mom With A Lovely Dress

Sketching a cute cartoon mom can easily be done using this simple step-by-step tutorial. In order to make your mom different from any other miscellaneous female character, you will need to perform a couple of changes. First, we can make the hair shorter. Indeed, mothers usually have simple haircuts that are easier to take care of.

Next, you can draw your character wearing a simple dress or jeans. It simply depends on the style you wish to portrait. Finally, make sure your mother is happy, smiling and visually adorable. Just be inspired by your own mother and have fun sketching the character found below. :)

working on the upper part of the body first

You can start this drawing lesson by sketching a large oval shape to form the head of the character. Next, simply draw a tiny neck on the bottom using a small rectangle made from curved lines. Finally, complete this step with the addition of the body. This one is rectangular, but all sides are made from curved lines.

As you can see below, the head and the shoulders have a similar width. The waist is much narrower. Nice work! We have all we need to add more body parts to our lovely mother.

How To Draw A Cartoon Mom With A Lovely Dress

drawing the arms and the dress

Now that we are done with the head and the body, let's sketch some arms using more long curved lines. Both arms are thin and are facing towards the bottom of the illustration. Next, draw the dress using more long lines. Make sure that the dress is longer than the torso, otherwise the proportions of the character might look weird.

How To Draw A Cartoon Mom With A Lovely Dress

adding the hair, the hands and the shoes

On top of the head, you can draw the hair using long curved lines. Like I said earlier, this character will have a short haircut. The top of the head is round and both sides are gifted with pointed ends. Of course, you can try different haircuts if you prefer. Just be creative!

Once you are done with the hair, it's time to work on the hands using tiny circular shapes. Since it's a cartoon mom (and cartoon characters are special), then only four fingers are needed for each hand. Finally, draw the shoes below the dress using more simple curved lines.

How To Draw A Cartoon Mom With A Lovely Dress

sketching the face of the cartoon mom

Inside the head, you can add two large oval shapes to represent both eyes. For the pupils, only small dots are required. Below the eyes, you can draw a nose using a small curved line. The mouth is made from a longer curved line. You can complete this step by drawing two small lines on the torso to illustrate the breasts of the mother.

How To Draw A Cartoon Mom With A Lovely Dress

It's time to play with colors!

Now that the cartoon mom is completely drawn, it's time to add plain colors to the character. For this particular example, the hair of the character is colored in brown. The shirt is purple and a brighter color (still purple) is used for the dress. The shoes are darker and partially hidden below the dress. Of course, you can select your own colors and try various styles and designs if you want to.

How To Draw A Cartoon Mom With A Lovely Dress

adding gradients to create more depth

If you wish to create more volume inside the character, then you can always add gradients to the illustration. As you can see below, most shapes are now darker near the bottom and brighter on top. This effect is easy to achieve if you have access to a vector application, but it can also be done using other tools.

How To Draw A Cartoon Mom With A Lovely Dress

Great work! We are now done illustrating this lovely cartoon mom. Since all mothers are different, feel free to experiment and try new things. You could change the clothes, try new hairstyles, colors, postures or even add textures to your drawing.

If you need more help with this tutorial, then you can take a look at the image located below. This one includes all steps required to draw this cute mother grouped into a single file. Just study this image carefully and try as much as needed if you want to succeed and draw this fun character.

How To Draw A Cartoon Mom With A Lovely Dress

I hope you had fun creating this cool cartoon mother. Once you are done with this character, more fun lessons from this site featuring cute people are available below. Most of these lessons are featuring basic characters that can be drawn in just a few steps. Some are made from circles and oval shapes while others are mostly created from rectangles. Just practice as often as needed and have fun with these additional resources. :)

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