How to Draw A Cartoon Mom with a lovely dress

In this easy drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw a cute cartoon mom using simple shapes and a little bit a creativity! In order to make your mom different from any other misc female character, you will need to perform a couple of changes!

First, make the hair short. Mothers usually don't have lots of time to take care of their hair. So it's important to draw a simple hairstyle! Also, you can draw your mother wearing a dress or jeans. It just depends on the style of mother you wish to portrait!

Finally, make her colorful, smiling and adorable! Mothers are very important in the life of any child, especially in the first three or four years (mothers are still important above 3 years, it's just that young kids seem to be looking for their mother's attention first!).

Step 1

cartoon mom

Step 2

cartoon mom

Step 3

cartoon mom

Step 4

cartoon mom

Step 5

cartoon mom

Step 6

cartoon mom

I hope you had fun creating this cool cartoon mother. Once you are done with this character, more fun lessons from this site featuring cute people can also be done. The more you draw various characters like those available below, the better you will become at drawing. Enjoy! :)

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