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How to Draw A Cartoon Mirror filled with great reflections

How to Draw A Cartoon Mirror

Learn how to create a fun cartoon mirror using only simple shapes and great digital effects! In this lesson, you will see that vector drawing can be fun since most digital effects are easy to implement using a few simple drawing tools. 

If you are not familiar with a vector software, this is a great opportunity to use such a tool to illustrate anything you want quite realistically in no time. Ready to draw? Let's start now! :)

Step 1

Cool! Let's begin with the creation of the mirror using simple shapes as shown on the illustration below. The mirror and the frame are made from large oval shapes. You can already use some basic colors for the outlines on wait in the next step.

How to Draw A Cartoon Mirror

Step 2

Next, you can add basic colors inside all shapes. The mirror can be colored in blue (dark) while the frame can be yellow. You can also color the outlines if you forgot to do it in the previous step. 

How to Draw A Cartoon Mirror

Step 3

In your application, select the gradient fill tool. Using this tool, you should be able to add a second color to each step and create a little bit of depth inside your illustration. For example, the mirror can be filled with a bright blue color on top and a darker tone of blue on the bottom. Repeat the same technique on all shapes. 

How to Draw A Cartoon Mirror

Step 4

Inside the mirror, draw a few rectangles filled with a white color. Use transparency to partially hide these shapes and create a simple effect like the one seen in the next step (simply because in this step, shapes are visible to let you see how to apply this technique). 

How to Draw A Cartoon Mirror

Step 5

Now you can see how the previous effect should look. Inside the mirror, draw another large rectangle as shown below. The outline must be blurred and the opacity set to 30% or so. Once again, you can see the result in the next step, not in this one. 

How to Draw A Cartoon Mirror

Step 6

On the frame of the mirror, add a darker shape filled with brown colors as seen with the pink outlines below. Use transparency to partially hide the bottom of each new shape. 

How to Draw A Cartoon Mirror

Step 7

This step might seem similar, but in this one you must draw brighter shapes to create highlights. All new shapes below must be filled in white. Partially hide the bottom of each shape to create more depth and volume. A large oval shape is also added inside the mirror. 

How to Draw A Cartoon Mirror

The result? A Cool cartoon mirror filled with great effects!

This is the result once all effects are applied. As you can see, the object seems more realistic and fun to look at even if it's made only from basic elements like oval shapes and rectangles. I hope you had fun working on this cartoon mirror and don't hesitate to create different frames and play with reflection! :)

How to Draw A Cartoon Mirror

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