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how to draw cartoon mice using fun examples

How To Draw Cartoon Mice Using Fun Examples

If you like to draw cartoon mice using simple characters made from basic shapes, then this adorable series is for you! From a character made using a single rectangle to another done with complex lines and effects, all you need to create fun animals can be found here.

These small rodents are quite popular in modern culture, but less wanted once they are crawling into your walls. They can be kept as pets and are ones of the first animal kids are learning to illustrate. With their tiny nose and large ears, mice can be represented using only a few basic shapes and still be easily recognizable. Let's see how we can draw a wide variety of mice using all tutorials below.

Working with a rectangle to form the head and body

This first mouse clipart is represented by a large rectangle and two perfect circular shapes. Patches are added inside the ears using more circles. Inside the rectangle, work on the face by adding large eyes. Notice how both eyes are partially cropped on each side of the character.

The nose is done with a smaller circle and whiskers are created from curved lines. More simple lines are needed to form the mouth, the arms and the legs. Add plain colors to complete this lesson. Both eyes are blue while patches and the nose are pink.

How To Draw Cartoon Mice

Drawing a cuter animal using circular shapes

This next lesson on how to draw a mouse is also featuring a cute character made from basic shapes. This time, the head is represented by a large oval shape. The body is done using a thin rectangle. All four legs are made from perfect curved lines. On top of the head, you can draw two ears using circles.

The tail is made from an irregular line. Inside the head, draw the eyes and the nose. Both pupils are made from smaller circles and the mouth is done using a curved line. Add gray and pink colors inside the character. It's fun to note that the character was created without outlines or strokes.

How To Draw Cartoon Mice

Let's try another posture using a basic side view

Our third cartoon mouse is presented using a simple side view. The head is made from an oval shape. The body is a mix of curved and straight lines. Large circles are created to illustrate the ears. Both eyes are made from medium circles. Pupils are done using dots.

The back leg is larger and made from a long curved line. Don't forget to draw a tail and a few details inside the legs. Once you are done, you can add gradients to complete this fun lesson. Nice! This series on how to draw cartoon mice is progressing nicely.

How To Draw Cartoon Mice

Creating a more polished version using complex lines

So far, most cartoon mice were created using only basic shapes and lines. This illustration of a mouse was done using basic shapes and complex lines. First, you can build a template using basic shapes like circles and rectangles. Notice how the area around the mouth is done using a large oval shape. The same shape is used near the feet of the animal. Next, polish the silhouette using a mix of lines.

Then, draw the arms, the legs and the tail. Inside the head, sketch the eyes, the pupils, the nose and the mouth. Simple patches are created on the ears and the chest. Add plain colors and enjoy a beautiful character.

How To Draw Cartoon Mice

adding cool effects to the character

Drawing simple mice using basic shapes is a fun thing to do. However, it can also be rewarding to learn to draw a fun mouse cartoon filled with complex gradients and effects. That's the subject of this next tutorial. In the first step, you can already see how the mouse was created. The purpose of this lesson is to add some effects, so we will skip the step-by-step process.

Next, gradients are added to create some depth and volume. In the fourth step, you can create simple shadows on the character. More darker elements are added on the mouse to increase the contrast. Once again, this version was done using no outlines and strokes.

How To Draw Cartoon Mice

drawing complex cartoon mice using thick outlines

Let's take all the things we have learned so far to create a mouse drawing filled with fun effects. First, draw the silhouette of the mouse using large thick lines with pointed ends. Then, add gradients inside the illustration. In the fifth step, sketch a few darker shapes to form shadows.

Next, make sure these new additions are partially hidden. Brighter shapes colored in white are added all over the character in the seventh step. In the last step, all lines are filled with gray colors to complete this tutorial.

How To Draw Cartoon Mice

Hopefully, learning how to draw cool cartoon mice is not a secret for you anymore. All these lessons can help you sketch great characters and give you the momentum to draw your own. Have fun drawing and don't forget that you can have access to more fun animals from the same collection here.

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