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How to Draw A Cartoon Maid ready to help

How To Draw A Cartoon Maid Ready To Help

Drawing a cartoon maid can easily be achieved using this simple step-by-step lesson filled with useful tips. Fortunately, sketching this character is much easier than cleaning. Indeed, being a maid is not always an easy task. It's a physical job that requires strength, endurance and patience.

Some people are hiring maids because they don't like cleaning while others are simply not able to accomplish this task. Let's see how we can draw a beautiful character wearing a fun uniform in this accessible drawing lesson.

creating a template to work with

The first thing we can do before drawing the character itself is sketch a template made from basic shapes. It's the perfect time to work on the proportions and the posture of the subject. You can start this part of the lesson by drawing an oval shape to represent the head. Hair is made from a triangle. For the neck, a small rectangle is required.

How To Draw A Cartoon Maid

adding more basic shapes to form the character

Below the head, you can sketch the shirt and the skirt using irregular shapes. Make sure the waist is narrower than the shoulders. The arms are illustrated with thin rectangles. More long rectangles are needed to form the legs. For the feet, smaller shapes can be used.

How To Draw A Cartoon Maid

Polishing the shapes using perfect curved lines

Now that we have a template to work with, we can draw the character using basic curved lines. First, add both eyes using oval shapes. The chin is also made from a long curved line. More lines are needed for the hair and the neck. You can see the proportions below.

How To Draw A Cartoon Maid

working on the uniform and the arms

Using more simple lines, you can draw the uniform as shown in the image below. Notice the width of the shoulders, the waist and the bottom of the dress. We can also draw the arms using more subtle lines. The hands are also made from smaller lines. Both thumbs and a few fingers are visible.

How To Draw A Cartoon Maid

drawing long legs and nice shoes

Now that the head and the dress are created, it's time to polish the bottom part of the cartoon maid. Once again, long curved lines are needed to draw the legs of the character. Notice the particular shapes of these new elements.

For the shoes, you can use small curved lines. The bottom part of the shoes can be larger than the top. Great! The silhouette of our subject is now completed. It's time to add more details.

How To Draw A Cartoon Maid

adding simple (but important) details to the character

Inside the head, you can draw the nose and the mouth using short lines. Small dots are needed to represent the pupils. On the dress of the cartoon maid, you can also draw a simple apron made from multiple short lines. Excellent! We are doing great!

How To Draw A Cartoon Maid

a few more accessories can be added to the cartoon maid

On top of the head, a small hat made from curved lines is created. You can use a similar pattern to create more accessories below the neck and below the waist. Two lines are also needed to illustrate the breast of the lady.

How To Draw A Cartoon Maid

it's time to add colors inside this fun illustration

Let's bring this character to life with the addition of simple colors (mostly black and white). A basic skin color is also needed for the head, the arms and the legs. The uniform and the hair of the character are black. Of course, you can use different colors if you want to. :)

How To Draw A Cartoon Maid

using gradients to create the final effect

Gradients are a simple effect that can be used to create more depth and volume inside an illustration. For this lesson, all white accessories are now filled with subtle gray colors. Just compare this image with the previous one to see the difference.

How To Draw A Cartoon Maid

I hope you had fun creating this cartoon character. Remember to practice often if you want to improve your drawing abilities quickly and effectively. Enjoy and keep creating cool characters like the ones available below! :)

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