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How to Draw A Cartoon Love Bug made from simple shapes

How To Draw A Cartoon Love Bug Made From Simple Shapes

Sketching a cartoon love bug can be done using a wide variety of techniques. The most common shapes to use are circles and ovals. For this tutorial, our goal will be to draw a nice version made with basic squares and rectangles. It's an unusual approach, but it's also a fun and challenging one.

This cute insect is easily recognizable with its simple body colored in red. Don't forget about the black dots on the back of this elegant lady bug. Six little legs made from lines are needed to complete this character. Let's see all the steps required to create this little animal quickly and easily using original shapes.

creating a simple body from a square

First, you can draw the body of the love bug using a large square. Make sure to leave some room around this shape so that you can draw the head and the legs using the steps found below. When creating basic characters, I also like to use thick outlines to make the drawing even more appealing (but it's up to you!).

How To Draw A Cartoon Love Bug

adding a simple head made from a smaller rectangle

Below the main shape, you can draw the head using a smaller rectangular shape. The insect will be upside down, so make sure you are playing with proportions accordingly. Excellent! The silhouette of the cartoon love bug is now completed. It's time to add details inside the character.

How To Draw A Cartoon Love Bug

drawing simple patterns on the back

Like I said earlier, this character will be drawn without using circles (except for the eyes). That's why the patterns on the back will be created from tiny squares. Simply separate the body in two different parts using a long vertical line. Then, add a few squares to complete this step.

How To Draw A Cartoon Love Bug

sketching long thin lines

On both sides of the insect, you can draw thin pointed lines as shown below. A total of six legs are needed. Since we want to avoid using circles and curved lines for this lesson, you are invited to use six long broken lines. Great! One last step and the drawing aspect of this tutorial will be over.

How To Draw A Cartoon Love Bug

working on the head using more basic shapes

Inside the rectangle used to illustrate the head, you can draw two small circles as shown below. Small antennas made from curved lines are also added on the bottom of the character. Nice work! Now that we are done drawing this cartoon love bug, it's time to proceed with the last step : the addition of bright colors.

How To Draw A Cartoon Love Bug

adding colors using gradients to the cartoon love bug

Now that the cartoon insect is created, let's bring this one to life using a mix of dark and bright colors. First, you can color the body (which are the wings) in red. Patches made from tiny squares can be black. For the head, a dark gray color is used. The bottom of the head is black (mostly because of the gradients). The eyes are white and the legs can be black.

How To Draw A Cartoon Love Bug

Nice work! As you can see above, drawing a lovely insect using squares and straight lines can easily be done. If you want to work with a more traditional technique, then you can try more adorable insects from this site below. Have fun and remember to practice as often as possible. :)

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