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How to Draw A Cartoon Lobster that looks great

How To Draw A Cartoon Lobster That Looks Great

Sketching a cartoon lobster that looks great is definitely not a difficult task. This adorable creature is easy to recognize with its large claws, numerous walking legs and bright red color. Of course, we still need to get the proportions and the posture right in order to come up with an appealing illustration.

Lobsters are gifted with thick bodies and a very strong tail. These body parts are covered with large carapaces and are usually quite resistant. The color of the lobster is usually dark. It can be blue, green or brown. Somehow, cartoon representations of this animal are often red, which is the right color when lobsters are fully cooked.

This fun step-by-step lesson is divided into two simple parts. You can start with the video version below. Within a few minutes, you will be able to draw this basic character using simple lines and shapes. If you need more assistance, then the written version of the lesson is available below the video. :)

building the character from basic shapes

First, we can start building the character using basic shapes like circles and rectangles. Creating a simple template can be useful to polish the posture and work on the proportions of the subject. In this first step, you can draw a small oval to form the head. Below the head, add a large rectangle to illustrate the top section of the body.

How To Draw A Cartoon Lobster

adding more elements to create the body

Below the main shape used to create the top part of the body, draw two additional shapes. These shapes are also rectangular and both of them are slightly narrower than the shape located above. For the tail of the cartoon lobster, you can use two small oval shapes. These shapes are drawn using a small angle.

How To Draw A Cartoon Lobster

working on the claws and the legs

Now that the head, the body and the legs are partially drawn, let's move on to the claws. Each claw is created from three shapes. The arm is made from two small rectangles. The claws is represented by a large oval shape. You can draw both claws using a symmetrical approach or opt for something more organic.

On both sides of the body, you can also sketch small legs using short curved lines. Nice work! We have everything we need to draw the character using nice curved lines and more precise shapes now.

How To Draw A Cartoon Lobster

polishing the silhouette of the cartoon lobster

Let's start by drawing the head of the creature using the template created earlier. As you can see below, the top of the head is mostly circular, but the top is a little bit flat. The section near the chin is pointed and made from sharp lines. For the eyes, you can use two large curved lines that are joined together. Great! This fun creature is getting more recognizable now. :)

How To Draw A Cartoon Lobster

drawing the bottom part of the subject

Next, sketch the carapace using more curved lines and rectangles with smooth angles. The legs are also made from pointed lines as seen in the illustration below. For the tail, you can use irregular curved lines.

How To Draw A Cartoon Lobster

working on the claws and the pupils

Inside both eyes, you can add pupils using small dots. Notice how dots are not located in the middle of the eyes. Instead, both pupils are a little bit closer to the middle of the head. The arms are also made from small rectangles with round corners. For the claws, long curved lines are used to complete the effect. Excellent! We are done sketching and drawing this fun creature.

How To Draw A Cartoon Lobster

adding colors inside the character

It's now time to add colors inside the lobster. This step is relatively easy to achieve since the entire animal is filled with a bright red color. The pupils are black and the eyes can be white. That's it! This simple drawing lesson on how to draw a cute cartoon lobster is now completed. Feel free to sketch more versions using various postures, colors and proportions. Adding complex textures can also be a fun challenge to try.

How To Draw A Cartoon Lobster

All steps required to draw this fun animal properly can be found in this single picture below. Don't hesitate to use this image if you wish to see all steps all at once. If you miss the video on top of the page, this is another fun resource that can help you draw this animal in no time.

How To Draw A Cartoon Lobster

I hope you had fun sketching and drawing this adorable animal. More versions of this character can be found below. Most of them are rather easy. Some are mostly made from circles while others are created from squares and rectangles. The last one is featuring fun effects like shadows and reflections. Have fun working with all these alternatives and remember to practice often. That's the key to succeed. :)

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