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How to Draw a Cartoon Llama with a great posture

How to draw a cartoon llama

Learn how to create a cartoon llama that looks cool and adorable using the simple lesson found below. You will learn how to illustrate the character using simple shapes and lines. Once the llama is drawn, you will also learn how to add basic plain colors as well as creating shadows and highlights to create more depth inside the image. Ready? Cool! Let's proceed with the first step now ...

adding a few basic shapes

First, you can draw a template to help you create accurate proportions and locate your subject in your working area. The head is created from a small circle. On top of the head, two thin rectangles are added. Below the head, you can draw a long neck. The body is made from a large oval shape. Legs are done using four long thin rectangles.

How to draw a cartoon llama

Drawing the cartoon llama using curved lines

It's now time to draw the animal using mostly short curved lines. Don't forget to draw long ears, a long neck and a large body. It's also a good idea to draw a tiny tail that could fit into a small circular shape. Notice how most parts of the animal are made from several short lines instead of a single line.

How to draw a cartoon llama

working inside the head

Inside the head, you can draw both eyes using small circles. Below the eyes, a tiny nose made from a triangle is also added. The mouth is made from a short curved line and this one is connected to the nose using another short line. Inside both ears, you can draw basic patches.

How to draw a cartoon llama

adding plain colors

It's now time to turn a boring illustration featuring this cute llama into a magnificent drawing filled with cool colors. For this creature, you can use a very subtle brown color. The area around the eyes and mouth can be brighter. As for patches inside the ears, they can be darker. The nose and the eyes are black.

How to draw a cartoon llama

working with gradient fills

To make the character even more interesting, you can add gradient colors inside this one. Instead of using only one color per shape, you simply add a darker version of the same color on the bottom. This is a great tip if you wish to add depth to a drawing quickly and easily. :)

How to draw a cartoon llama

drawing more shadows to create more volume

Inside the character, you can also draw more shadows using new dark shapes. To make these shadows believable and realistic, it's a good idea to add transparency. Since shadows are located in hidden areas, the top of the shapes are usually hidden.

These shadows can be added around the eyes, near the neck, on the back of the cartoon llama and below the body. More shadows are also drawn on the tail and on top of all four legs.

How to draw a cartoon llama

highlights to complete this lesson

Adding shadows to create more depth is definitely a good idea. However, you can also increase the level of realism of your illustration by adding highlights. Unlike shadows, highlights are colored in white and are usually transparent near the bottom of the shape.

How to draw a cartoon llama

good job learning how to draw a llama

I hope you had fun learning how to draw a llama using this simple step-by-step drawing lesson. Below you can see the final result once all digital effects are added. 

How to draw a cartoon llama
How to draw a cartoon llama

You can also take a look at all eight steps at once using the illustration above. Have fun drawing more cartoon llamas and remember that practicing as often as possible is the key. Once you are familiar with this creature, you can try various postures, textures and styles. Enjoy! :)

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