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How to Draw A Cartoon Lizard with a relaxing posture

How To Draw A Cartoon Lizard With A Relaxing Posture

Learning to draw a cartoon lizard is even more interesting if you can try a more original posture. Indeed, most lessons are often depicting this animal walking on a branch or standing near water. For this lesson, you will have the opportunity to draw a cute lizard relaxing with both hands behind the head.

Although they are not as charming as a dog or a cat, lizards are harmless to humans. They might not be the perfect pet, but it's kind of cool to walk around with this animal on the shoulder.

You can start with the video lesson above. This simple step-by-step process shows you how this creature was drawn. Once you are done, you can proceed with the written version of this lesson below. More details are provided in the written version helping you create the perfect animal.

adding a few basic shapes to begin with

First, you can draw the head using a small oval shape. This one can be narrower near the middle. Below the head, create the neck using a rectangle. Our goal is to create a template from basic shapes so that we can work on the proportions and the posture more easily.

How To Draw A Cartoon Lizard

sketching more shapes to form the body

Once the head is completed, it's time to proceed with the body. First, draw a large oval shape using a small angle. Both arms are located behind the head and are made from thin rectangles. Your cartoon lizard should look like the template below so far.

How To Draw A Cartoon Lizard

working on the tail and the legs

Both front legs are bent and made from tiny rectangles. Fingers are only represented by small lines. Another long line is drawn behind the animal to illustrate the tail. It's time to polish the posture and make sure all proportions are perfect.

How To Draw A Cartoon Lizard

polishing the silhouette of the cartoon lizard

Using a mix of curved and broken lines, you can now polish the silhouette of the animal. For the eyes, two large oval shapes are needed. Small triangles are used to form the fingers of the creature. The mouth is made from a pointed shape (near the left side of the image).

How To Draw A Cartoon Lizard

drawing a cute facial expression

Inside the eyes, draw the pupils using small dots. Eyelids are made from simple curved lines. On top of the eyes, you can draw two short lines to represent the eyebrows. Finally, sketch a long pointed line to illustrate the mouth of the cartoon lizard.

How To Draw A Cartoon Lizard

adding plain colors inside the character

This step is pretty easy. Simply add a bright green color inside the illustration. The eyes are white and the pupils can be black. You could stop the lesson here if you wanted to, but adding more effects can be nice too!

How To Draw A Cartoon Lizard

working with gradients to create depth

Gradients can help you create more depth quickly and easily. As you can see below, the bottom of the character is now darker than the top. The right arm is also darker since this one is partially hidden by the head.

How To Draw A Cartoon Lizard

complete this lesson with the addition of shadows

On the left side of the character, you can draw small shadows near the edges of the head and the body. You can clearly see this new addition right below the mouth. Small shadows are also added on the eyelids.

How To Draw A Cartoon Lizard
How To Draw A Cartoon Lizard With A Relaxing Posture

I hope you had fun learning to draw this original character. More cool lizards are available below. Have fun with these additional tutorials and don't forget to draw as often as possible. :)

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