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how to draw a cartoon list filled with fun details

How to draw a cartoon list

Learn how to sketch a simple cartoon list so that you don't forget what you need to buy at the grocery store! Writing a list is always a good idea (especially when you are getting older ... like me!). It's quite easy to forget all the thing we need. Carrying a list can also prevent purchasing unrelated stuff (if you are able to follow and stick to the list, of course!). In this tutorial, I will show you how to represent this object using the most basic tips and techniques possible.

step 1 - drawing the main frame of the cartoon list

First, let's work on the main frame of the object. You can start with the creation of the board located behind the list. Then, sketch the list on top of the board. This one should be smaller and slightly higher. When you are finished, you can add two clips on top of the board to hold the list on this one. All lines used to create the objects must be sharp and pointed on both ends.

How to draw a cartoon list

step 2 - adding more pages ... and writing a few things!

On the main page (the one found on top), you can write the word "list" and draw a simple bullet list. No real words are used (except for the watermark in this case!). You can also draw a few more pages behind the main one using long curved lines. Adding some depth to the board is also a good idea.

How to draw a cartoon list

step 3 - let's add plain colors to make the drawing more appealing

You can make your list colorful, white, or just use a few brown colors like I did below. Notice how all layers are filled with various tones of brown. The word "list" is colored in blue while the bullet list can be red. Both clips are filled with a subtle grey color. The edge of the board is pretty dark while the board itself is colored in brown.

How to draw a cartoon list

step 4 - playing with color gradients to give more depth

All shapes can now be filled with two different colors to give the illusion of volume. For example, you can see below that the board is slightly darker on the bottom and much brighter on top. Repeat the same technique for all elements. Remember to add a bright color on top and a dark one below.

How to draw a cartoon list

step 5 - shadows to increase the illusion of depth

So far we have drawn the board and the cartoon list and add colors inside the illustration. We also created fictional words on the object. We can now take this illustration to a whole new level by adding simple digital effects like shadows, highlights and reflections.

Let's start with shadows. Simply draw four new shapes on the object. Two below the clips, one on the bottom of the list and another one behind the list (but over the board). All these new shapes can be filled with a dark color. Make sure that these shadows are also partially hidden for a more subtle result.

How to draw a cartoon list

step 6 - highlights to complete this tutorial

Like I said earlier, adding highlights and reflections on this cartoon list is also a good idea to add more realism. You can draw a small white shape on the clips and one huge white rectangle on the list itself. Once again, don't forget to play with the opacity of these new elements to end up with a subtle result.

How to draw a cartoon list

One pretty list ready to be used!

Below you can see the cartoon list once all digital effects are added. These simple effects are easy to implement if you are familiar with using a vector application. Of course, you can also add all these shadows and highlights manually if you are drawing with pencils, markers or simply painting.

How to draw a cartoon list
How to draw a cartoon list

Have fun drawing more cool objects using all the tips found in this lesson. Don't hesitate to practice often and feel free to unleash your creativity so that you can come up with new objects that are visually amazing and fun to duplicate. Here are more resources to help you create fun images. Enjoy! :)

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