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How to Draw Cartoon Lips in just a few simple steps

You can draw cartoon lips using a wide variety of techniques. Lips can be made from a simple pair of curved lines. It's also possible to add more details inside the lips like textures and shadows. For those looking for a more challenging option, all you need to do is play with gradients and highlights as well. In this simple lesson, I will show you how to create fun lips in minutes using mostly basic shapes and lines.

Lips are very sensitive and they are often associated with taste, beauty and sensuality. Did you know that around 60% of women are using lipstick every day? Lip augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery among women. It's also a very complex operation to get right. It's also fun to note that lips don't really have their own muscles. They are considered being part of the facial expression.

let's study a fun picture featuring real lips

Before proceeding with the drawing lesson, it can be a good idea to study our subject a little bit more. Lips can be separated in two parts: the upper lip (1) and the lower lip (3). They are joined by what we call the commissure (2). This is how the small corners on both sides of the mouth are called.

In this photograph, we can also see the teeth of the model (4). Cool! Now that we are more familiar with the real appearance of lips, let's see how this picture could look like once it is decomposed into simple lines.

How To Draw Cartoon Lips

decomposing the lips into simple lines

Lips are basically four irregular lines that have the same starting anchor point and the same ending anchor point. Notice how the lower lip is ticker than the upper lip. You can draw the upper lip as if you were sketching a heart.

It's the reason why the upper lip is made of two curved lines joined in the middle. Of course, this one will be thinner and wider than a real heart shape. This sample is also a little bit more complex to study because it is shown using perspective and all lines are mostly irregular.

How To Draw Cartoon Lips

how to draw lips using basic shapes and lines

Excellent! Now that we have carefully studied this part of the body, it's time to apply all the tips we have learned to create appealing cartoon lips. First, sketch a large oval shape to help us locate the subject into our work space. Notice how both ends are slightly pointed. In the second step, you can polish the silhouette of the lips using perfect curved lines.

A simple thick line can be drawn in the third step. This one should be slightly thicker near the middle. Finally, you can add gradients in the last step to complete this tutorial. Notice how the middle of the image is darker while both ends (top and bottom) are much brighter.

How To Draw Cartoon Lips

More fun cartoon lips to work with

Like I said at the beginning of this tutorial, lips can be made from simple or complex lines. They can even be created using only a short and a long line (6). If you are working with funny cartoon characters, then you can also opt for something more absurd (3). A more realistic approach could be found in the fifth example. Those small lines added inside the lips are contributing to make these visually more interesting.

How To Draw Cartoon Lips

I hope you had fun drawing and sketching simple cartoon lips like the ones found on this page. If you want to learn more about this basic part of the body (or things that are surrounding it), then you can try these lessons below. Have fun drawing and remember to practice as often as possible. :)

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