How to Draw A Cartoon Lawn Mower

Learn how to draw a fun cartoon lawn mower made from simple shapes, but complex visual effects. Don't worry! These effects are not so difficult to duplicate if you already have some basic knowledge on how to use a vector application. Let me show you how to sketch this unique object and end up with something visually appealing in just six easy steps. 

Cartoon Lawn Mower

Step 1

First, draw a simple lawn mower using a side view version. Indeed, using perspective can be more challenging and the lawn mower more difficult to create. A side view like the one below is relatively easy to draw and the object is still easily recognizable. 

Cartoon Lawn Mower

Step 2

Next, add some plain colors on all shapes of the object. It's not really important if these colors are not 100% accurate for now. The goal is just to have a simple view of the lawn mower and see if everything is relevant and close to reality. 

Cartoon Lawn Mower

Step 3

Great! Every vector application comes with a gradient fill tool. This very useful tool can help you add a second color to an object to create darker and brighter areas.

For example, the bag on the back of the lawn mower is filled with a light grey color on top and black on the bottom. You can also do that for all other parts of the object. 

Cartoon Lawn Mower

Step 4

It's now time to add more shapes to create shadows. You can draw some on the motor, the body of the lawn mower and the wheels. These shapes are illustrated with a blue outline below so that you can read these shapes easily. 

Cartoon Lawn Mower

Step 5

You can see the result here when all shadows are added. You can compare this illustration with the one in step number three to see the modifications. 

Cartoon Lawn Mower

Step 6

In this step, our goal is to create highlights on the object. To do so, simple add white shapes on most areas exposed to the light source. Use transparency to partially hide these new shapes. 

Cartoon Lawn Mower

That's how you can draw a cartoon lawn mower!

Once again, feel free to compare this illustration with the one found in step number five to see the differences. That's it! This cool cartoon lawn mower is now finished. Don't hesitate to try more tutorials from the same series using the link below this illustration. Have fun! :)

Cartoon Lawn Mower

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