Draw It Forward: Cartoon Landscape

For this second challenge of the "Draw it forward" game, I am submitting a template of a cartoon landscape with a small shape of a building! 

Just copy this image and use it to create another drawing. Once you are finished, submit your illustration using the simple form below.

Don't forget that the game also allows you to copy the image of another player (available under the submission form below) and create a new design with it. 

When you are done, just post this new image using the same form below. 

The template to copy for this game is available below:

Draw it forward game 3


  • You agree, when submitting your image to this game, that someone else might copy this image and use it as a template for a new design (but since it's the goal of the game, I presume you do agree ;)!).
  • If you copied the image of someone else, please mention it in the title (ex: New image based on the drawing of...).
  • You can use any software (including paint) to create your image. Please don't crop your image or change the resolution, otherwise it might be rejected.
  • Create your drawing inside the painting area define by the black line.
  • To avoid lost of image quality (since others might use your image), AVOID the .JPG format. You can use the .GIF format for a lighter and cleaner image.
  • You can post as many images as you wish! Just draw and have fun!

Have fun and don't forget to "Draw it forward!"

These submissions are now available for reading purposes only. Thanks for all your great work!

These are the drawings that others have submitted in this section:

Click below to see contributions from other visitors. Don't forget that you can copy any images below and create a new drawing out of them!

The Truck Meets An Accident 
Nothing sad ... The driver was saved

cottage house in the country  
My drawing is a small cotage in the country and there is flowers arount it and it is a verry sunny day there , the cottage is a place in the middle of …

wood cabin 
its a wood cabin with a leaky tap and the field is full of poppys

House On the Hill 
This drawing is about a House on a Hill (really! Yes) no one knows how lives there, but somtimes, smoke is coming out of the chimney...

a little top hat on a man with no hair 
not a building, i hope thats ok

Strange Squirrel Home 
A magic squirrels home!!!!!

Just using some simple shapes I changed the whole thing.

cartoon house and flower explosion

heres a farm with a barn and a chicken.

I don't think there's much more you can add to that...maybe some birds or something. Good luck!

Barnyard escape 
Enjoy :)

An example for the landscape template! 
Hi! I submitted this illustration based on the template to give you an example of what your drawing could look like. Remember that you don't need …

Another variation! Not rated yet
Here is another variation of this template! Like I said, even if the title is "cartoon landscape", you don't need to draw a landscape! It can be anything …

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