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How to Draw A Cartoon Koala made from solid shapes

How To Draw A Cartoon Koala Made From Solid Shapes

Learn to draw a cartoon koala made from simple shapes in this exclusive step-by-step drawing lesson. I will show you how to build a basic version of this animal using simple squares and rectangles. If you can sketch a rectangle, then creating this amazing character should be easy.

Koalas are quite famous in Australia. This slow and intriguing creature is easily recognizable with its large nose and huge ears. If you can draw both of these features properly, then creating a nice-looking koala should be even easier.

let's start by creating a simple rectangle

First, you can sketch a large rectangle that will be used to form the head and body of the creature. It's important to create accurate proportions so that we can have enough room inside the animal to add the facial features. Once this shape is done, you can proceed with the next step.

How To Draw A Cartoon Koala

drawing a long nose

Like I said earlier, koalas have large noses that are easily recognizable. For this tutorial (and since we are mostly using squares and rectangles), you can sketch a thin rectangle to illustrate this part of the body. We are working on a cartoon character, so don't hesitate to exaggerate this part of the body. Notice how this one is long and thin.

How To Draw A Cartoon Koala

ears can also be made from long shapes

On both sides of the head, you can draw the ears using two thin rectangles. Just like we did with the nose, don't hesitate to draw long shapes. In this case, both ears are covering half of the body. These are long ears!

Great work! This cartoon koala is progressing nicely. We can add more shapes to the character to create the legs and the facial features (see the next step).

How To Draw A Cartoon Koala

adding more small rectangles to form the legs

On the bottom of the animal, you can draw two additional rectangles on both sides of the main shape to represent the back legs. In front of the koala (and still near the bottom of the illustration), you can sketch two small squares to form the front legs.

How To Draw A Cartoon Koala

adding more details to complete this cartoon koala

Near the top of the main shape (and above the nose), you can draw two small dots to illustrate the eyes. For this lesson, I placed both new shapes close to each other to create a unique look. Inside all four legs, you can draw small pointed lines to complete the drawing aspect of this tutorial.

How To Draw A Cartoon Koala

Working with gradients and colors

Now that our little koala is completely drawn, let's add some colors inside the image. To do so, you can use gradients. This technique can help you create depth and volume very easily. For instance, you can see that the nose is darker near the bottom, but brighter on top. This effect can be applied on all shapes.

How To Draw A Cartoon Koala

Nice work! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to create a basic cartoon koala made from simple shapes. If you want to try more cool animals from Australia, then simply take a look below. Have fun creating new cool animals and remember to practice on a daily basis.

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