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how to draw a cartoon kitten that looks cute

How to draw a cartoon kitten

Learn how to draw a cartoon kitten quickly and easily using this fun and accessible tutorial. Indeed, you will learn how to illustrate the fun animal seen above in just four easy steps. Cats are lovely, but kittens are even more appealing and cute to play with. Featuring long ears, a small nose and a large body, these fun pets are definitely a fascinating subject to work with when it comes to drawing fun farm animals. Ready? Let's proceed with the first part of this tutorial: the video.

A short video to learn how to draw this cute cartoon kitten

As far as I am concerned, I like watching in real-time how a character was created. That's exactly what you can do by taking a look at the short video found below. You will have the opportunity to learn all you need to know about the creation process that led to the final illustration. If you prefer to read or look at still images, then simply scroll down a little bit for the written version of this lesson.

How to draw a kitten in four easy steps

Great! Let's start by building a simple template made from basic shapes. The head is done using a large circle while the ears and cheeks are created using triangles. A smaller triangle is also used for the nose. The rest of the character is created using long and short curved lines.

How to draw a cartoon kitten

Cool! It's now time to use our template to draw the character itself. Don't forget to add more details like whiskers, patches inside the ears, small hair near the cheeks and short lines on the paws. A large patch made from a long curved line is also added on the chest of this adorable pet.

How to draw a cartoon kitten

Good work! This is the character once all gray lines (the template) are removed. It's pretty appealing right now, but we can make it even better with the addition of colors. 

How to draw a cartoon kitten

For this drawing lesson, I have selected a subtle blue color. The patch located inside the chest is slightly brighter. Patches inside the ears as well as the nose are colored in pink. Both eyes are filled with a deep blue color. Nice work! This cartoon kitten looks amazing!

How to draw a cartoon kitten

Time to be more creative! Time to try more tutorials!

Did you enjoy this lesson? I hope so! These are all steps required to illustrate this cute kitten below.

How to draw a cartoon kitten

There are more tutorials involving kittens available on this site below. If you want something simpler, then this lesson featuring a kitten clipart is perfect for you! If you need more information on the anatomy of a kitten, then you can try this version filled with details and information. Finally, advanced users will enjoy the complexity of this black kitten filled with great digital effects. Simply have fun and be creative!

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