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How to Draw A Cartoon Kite filled with bright colors

How To Draw A Cartoon Kite Filled With Bright Colors

Drawing a cartoon kite filled with bright colors can easily be done using a few simple shapes, lines and colors. In this lesson, I will show you how to create a fun version in just five easy steps. It takes a lot of talent to be able to fly a large and complex kite. You need to find the right place, to make sure the wind is strong enough and, most of all, fly the kite without crashing it! For now, let's concentrate on the drawing aspect of this intriguing object.

starting with the silhouette of the object

First, we need to create the silhouette of the kite using a simple shape. This shape can be a diamond, but one with irregular angles. Draw this silhouette using four straight lines. You can see the final shape below. Since this object is also in motion, you can use a small angle and perspective in your drawing. This shape is only used as a template. We will polish these lines later in this tutorial to create a more dynamic object.

How To Draw A Cartoon Kite

drawing the tail using one long curved line

On the bottom of the silhouette, you can add the tail using a long curved line. If you wish to create a more appealing cartoon kite, you can also add a few decorations to the tail using more small shapes. The small diamond on top of the tail can be larger than the one located on the bottom. Once again, these shapes will be refined later in this lesson. We now have all the shapes needed to polish the object. :)

How To Draw A Cartoon Kite

working with curved lines to draw the cartoon kite

It's time to use all shapes drawn so far to polish the object using smooth curved lines. You can start this step by drawing the main shape of the kite using four curved lines. All these new additions can be seen below (with a temporary red outline).

Once you are done drawing the main diamond, you can work on the four smaller shapes below the object. Once again, smaller curved lines are used to illustrate all four diamonds. Now that the main shapes are created, it's time to work inside the kite.

How To Draw A Cartoon Kite

drawing more details inside the object

Using more curved lines, you can start by drawing the spine inside the kite. The spine is the long vertical lines visible from top to bottom. Another is used to represent the spar (the horizontal line). Finally, near the junction of both new lines, you can draw the kite line using another simple curved line.

How To Draw A Cartoon Kite

adding bright colors to the illustration

We are now done with the drawing aspect of this tutorial. It's time to work with colors. For this lesson, I have used four simple colors inside the object: yellow, green, red and blue. These colors are also used on the tail of the kite. Nice work! This lesson on how to draw a simple cartoon kite is now completed. You can see the final image below.

How To Draw A Cartoon Kite

If you need more help drawing this fun object, then you can take a look at the drawing below. This one contains all steps required to draw this kite in just a few minutes. Now that we are done with this tutorial, don't hesitate to sketch more versions using various colors, patterns and angles. Kites comes in various shapes and colors, so feel free to experiment and try new things.

How To Draw A Cartoon Kite

More fun lessons featuring cool objects related to sports can be found below. These tutorials are filled with various challenges that can help you improve your drawing abilities. Some are filled with complex shadows while others are covered with subtle textures. Just practice as often as possible and have fun drawing. :)

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