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How to Draw A Cartoon Killer Whale built from simple shapes

How To Draw A Cartoon Killer Whale Built From Simple Shapes

Drawing a cartoon killer whale using rectangles and triangles is definitely not a common exercise. This fun animal is usually drawn using long curved lines, beautiful circles and simple patterns. However, creating a realistic version is also more challenging. Fortunately, if you just want to illustrate a basic version or practice using only solid shapes, then this is the lesson for you.

It's always nice to learn to draw a character using multiple techniques so that you can incorporate some of the tips you will learn into your work. Ready? Let's see how we can draw this adorable killer whale in just six easy steps now.

sketching the body using a large square

First, you can sketch the body of the subject using a large rectangle as shown below. This shape is almost a square, but you can see that it is slightly larger. This is the main shape used to form the head and body, so make sure this one is large enough to create an impressive animal.

How To Draw A Cartoon Killer Whale

adding a triangle to form the tail

Once you are done drawing the body, you can sketch the lower part using a large triangle. As you can see below, this new addition is smaller than the original shape. Make sure that the bottom part of both shapes is perfectly aligned.

How To Draw A Cartoon Killer Whale

drawing fins on the cartoon killer whaler

On top of the body, you can draw a small triangular shape to represent a fin. Since the bottom part of the subject is on the right, make sure that the fin is oriented towards the left of the illustration.

Next, draw two more fins on the bottom of the character. The one on the far side is smaller and a little bit more on the left. Finally, draw one last fin near the tip of the tail. Great work! This cartoon killer whale looks nice so far.

How To Draw A Cartoon Killer Whale

creating a stripe on the subject

Now that the silhouette of the animal is completed, let's add some details inside the creature. In this step, you can draw a long straight line near the bottom of the illustration. This new line can be seen on the body and the tail.

How To Draw A Cartoon Killer Whale

adding a shape around the eye

Rarely do I use squares or rectangles to create the eyes or the pupils. Indeed, these shapes are too sharp to represent this important part of a character. However, this subject is different. The patch located around the eye can be made from a simple rectangle. We don't need to draw the eye itself since we know that it is located inside this particular shape.

How To Draw A Cartoon Killer Whale

let's add some black color!

Great work! We are done illustrating this cartoon killer whale. All we need to do is add black colors in some areas to complete this basic lesson. Only the long stripe on the bottom and the patch around the eye can remain white. All other body parts are now black.

How To Draw A Cartoon Killer Whale

If you need more assistance drawing this cute animal, then feel free to use the illustration found below. All six steps are grouped into a single image.

How To Draw A Cartoon Killer Whale Built From Simple Shapes

Excellent! This tutorial on how to draw a killer whale is now completed. Feel free to try more adorable lessons featuring similar animals below. Have fun and don't forget to practice often. :)

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