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How to Draw A Cartoon Judge ready for sentencing

How To Draw A Cartoon Judge Ready For Sentencing

Learning to draw a cartoon judge can easily be done using this fun step-by-step lesson. You will learn how to create a fun version featuring a cute character holding a hammer and wearing a wig. All this will be done in just ten easy steps.

There is no doubt that being a judge is definitely not an easy job. To be effective, you need to be impartial, calm and intelligent. After all, the freedom of a man (or a woman) is on the line, so it is very important to take the best decision possible to make sure that justice is done.

he dress of a judge can vary from one country to another. In this case, I have decided to draw a judge with a few accessories, making the character even easier to recognize. The most important accessory is certainly the gavel (official name of the small hammer) that every judge must have (at least in the cartoon universe.

Ready? Let's proceed with the first step now ...

building the character using simple shapes

First, we need to create a template made from basic shapes to help us locate the subject in the work space. It's also the best time to make sure all proportions are accurate. In this first step, you can draw a large oval shape to form the head. Hair are made from long curved lines. For the body, you can sketch a solid rectangle.

How To Draw A Cartoon Judge

adding a few simple details

Next, you can sketch more small curved lines below the head to illustrate the collar. Another small circle is drawn to form the hand of the character (the one that will eventually hold the gavel). Great! This lesson on how to draw a cartoon judge is progressing nicely.

How To Draw A Cartoon Judge

Let's start polishing the illustration

We have enough details to proceed with the creation of the character. First, use long curved lines to create the hair of the subject. Remember that this is a wig, so it's important to make this one slightly larger. The collar can also be made from a few short curved lines.

How To Draw A Cartoon Judge

working on the head and the top of the body

Next, you can use more simple curved lines to draw the face of the judge. The uniform is made from a mix of straight and curved lines. You can also add more details inside the hand (like a few fingers). Excellent! The silhouette of the character is now completed.

How To Draw A Cartoon Judge

sketching more features using basic shapes

Inside the head, you can draw two medium circles to form the eyes. These eyes are pretty close to each other. It's also time to add more details on the wig. These details are made from circles and simple curved lines.

Below the collar, you can draw a simple pattern made of rectangles. Of course, these are not perfect rectangles. Now this illustration starts to look like a cool cartoon judge.

How To Draw A Cartoon Judge

building some furniture from huge rectangles

Using small rectangles made from round corners, you can draw the gavel (the small hammer) inside the hand of the subject. Huge rectangles are also drawn behind the judge and below the hand to form the desk. Since the character is sitting, drawing this furniture is a must.

How To Draw A Cartoon Judge

adding depth and details to our creation

Small details made from long and thin rectangles are drawn on both sides of the desk. You can also sketch more straight lines below the horizontal rectangle to form depth. Great work! We are almost done illustrating this fun character.

How To Draw A Cartoon Judge

polishing the face and the facial expression

Inside the eyes, you can sketch the pupils using small dots. Eyebrows are made from small curved lines. Two additional curved lines are needed to form the nose and the mouth of the character. We are now done drawing this cartoon judge. It's time to add some colors!

How To Draw A Cartoon Judge

bringing this cartoon judge to life

You can enhance this illustration by adding plain colors as shown in the image below. The furniture and the gavel are colored in brown. The uniform is black, but the collar and the pattern visible below are white. For the wig, you can use a light gray color.

How To Draw A Cartoon Judge

adding gradients to create depth and volume

One last thing we can do is play with gradients to create more depth and volume. As you can see below, most shapes are now filled darker near one end and brighter on the opposite one. For example, the uniform is black on the bottom, but gray near the top. This technique can easily be applied with a vector software, but can also be done using any other tools.

How To Draw A Cartoon Judge

Good work! This lesson on how to draw a judge is now completed. You can use these tips above to sketch more characters like this one if you want to. Just be creative! Don't hesitate to draw more fun characters below too. Practicing is the key. :)

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