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How to Draw A Cartoon Jellyfish with a memorable smile

How To Draw A Cartoon Jellyfish With A Memorable Smile

Drawing a cartoon jellyfish can easily be done if you can sketch a few basic shapes and lines. This creature is relatively easy to illustrate since you don't need to work with complex body parts. The animal consists of a large head and several long oral arms.

In this lesson, you will have the opportunity to create a lovely version made with large eyes and filled with basic digital effects. Let's see how we can represent this simple cartoon creature in just six easy steps now.

let's begin by sketching a few basic shapes

First, let's create a simple template using two shapes. You can start with the forehead. Simply draw a large circle to represent this part of the body. Below this shape, sketch an irregular rectangle. You can see the final result for this first step below.

How To Draw A Cartoon Jellyfish

adding a few thin lines

Now that the head and body are created, you can work on the oral arms. These long parts are made from simple curved lines. For this fictional version of a jellyfish, seven oral arms were created. Nice job! That's all the basic shapes we need to start sketching the cartoon jellyfish.

How To Draw A Cartoon Jellyfish

drawing the silhouette using more curved lines

It's now time to work on the silhouette of the jellyfish using smooth curved lines. First, create the outline of the body as shown in the image below. Notice how small curved lines are used between the junction of the head and the oral arms. Next, draw the oral arms using long curved lines with pointed ends. Once you are done, you can erase all basic shapes created earlier.

How To Draw A Cartoon Jellyfish

working inside the head to create a nice facial expression

Of course, it's always fun to create a cute character with a lovely facial expression. Before working inside the head, you can add a small line on the bottom of the head (and above the oral arms) to create a little bit more depth.

Great! For the eyes, you can use two large oval shapes. Notice how the left eye is slightly lower than the right one. Inside both eyes, you can add pupils using small dots. For the mouth, simple straight lines are added to form a triangular shape. More thin lines are needed to represent the teeth.

How To Draw A Cartoon Jellyfish

adding plain colors inside the cartoon jellyfish

Now that the creature is completed, you can add simple plain colors inside the illustration. For this version of the character, a simple purple color is used. You can make the bottom part of the body darker to create more volume. The eyes and the mouth can be white. The pupils are black.

How To Draw A Cartoon Jellyfish

creating nice effects to complete the animal

You can also use gradients to create more depth inside the subject. Small reflections are added on the forehead and near the bottom of the body. All oral arms are darker near the top and brighter on the bottom.

How To Draw A Cartoon Jellyfish

If you still need help illustrating this cute jellyfish, then you can use the image below to help you go through the whole process. Indeed, all six steps needed to draw this animal can be found inside this single image.

How To Draw A Cartoon Jellyfish With A Memorable Smile

Great work! I hope you had fun illustrating this cartoon character. Now that we are done with this animal, you can try more related lessons from this site below. Have fun and remember to practice on a daily basis. That's the key to success. :)

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