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How to Draw Cartoon Jackets filled with fun details

How To Draw Cartoon Jackets Filled With Fun Details

Learn to draw cartoon jackets that look amazing using this simple step-by-step lesson. Creating this useful piece of clothing can be quite a challenge! You need to draw accurate proportions and apply some nice colors to it if you want to end up with a realistic illustration.

However, the hardest part to illustrate is probably the reflections and the irregularity of the fabric. Rendering nice shadows and gradients does require a little bit more work if you are not familiar with this part of the drawing.

If you don't mind practicing a little, then you should be fine! You can also try to reproduce a piece of clothing available in your room. Observe carefully and pay attention to every little detail. It's the only way to get better at drawing. Ready? Let's start this fun lesson now. :)

sketching basic shapes to create a template

First, let's sketch a few basic shapes to create a simple template. This is the best moment to work on proportions and make sure the object looks nice. For this initial step, all we need is a large rectangle and two smaller ones for the top part of the sleeves. Nice work!

How To Draw Cartoon Jackets

Adding more simple elements to the creation

On top of the large rectangle, sketch another thin rectangle to form the collar. This one must be smaller than the shoulders. Finally, complete this step with the addition of the bottom parts of the sleeves. Great! This is all we need to draw cool cartoon jackets using long curved lines.

How To Draw Cartoon Jackets

drawing the object using irregular lines

You can now use all previous shapes to polish the silhouette of the object. Don't forget to draw a large collar and use irregular lines to draw the jacket. This lesson is focusing mostly on fun effects that we can add inside the object, so no need to integrate tons of details for now.

How To Draw Cartoon Jackets

working with textures and cool effects

Inside the jacket, you can add several simple textures using more irregular shapes. These new additions are mostly added near the edges of the object. Study the patterns carefully so that you can create something similar on your drawing.

How To Draw Cartoon Jackets

adding plain colors

Great! We are already done illustrating this fun piece of clothing. It's now time to bring our picture to life using simple colors. For this lesson, I have selected a wide variety of blue colors. Of course, you can try something different if you want to.

The jacket itself is filled with a bright blue color. The collar can be brighter, but the inside of the object must be darker. Patterns added on the jacket are filled with darker and brighter colors.

How To Draw Cartoon Jackets

one last thing and we are done drawing cartoon jackets!

We can do one last thing to make this illustration visually more appealing. Indeed, all patterns created earlier can be partially transparent. This simple effect can help create a more realistic object. Just compare the image below with the previous one to see the difference. Both versions are nice, but the one found on the bottom is definitely more enjoyable.

How To Draw Cartoon Jackets

Now that we are done sketching cool cartoon jackets, feel free to try more clothes using all lessons found below. Have fun with these images and practice as often as needed. :)

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