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how to draw a cartoon jackal

How To Draw A Cartoon Jackal

Learning to draw a cartoon jackal in a sitting posture can easily be done using simple shapes like circles and rectangles. That's the goal for this lesson featuring this intriguing animal. You will also learn how to apply basic colors and patterns to the subject so that we can end up with a remarkable version.

Jackals are omnivores. They also like to prey on smaller animals. However, one thing jackals are mostly known for is being scavengers. Unlike wolves or other similar animals, jackals are often living with another mate. Let's see how we can illustrate this unique animal using all steps found below. :)

building a basic template from simple shapes

The first thing we can do is create a simple template from basic shapes to work on the posture and proportions. Start by drawing the head using a circle. On top of the circle, add a pointed triangle. On the bottom of the head, draw a thin rectangle to illustrate the snout and another one to form the neck.

The top of the body is created from an irregular rectangle. Sketch a long rectangle to represent the front leg and a large oval shape to create the back one. More simple shapes are needed for the tail of the jackal.

How To Draw A Cartoon Jackal

Using our template to build the silhouette

Now that we have a few basic shapes to work with, let's draw and polish the silhouette of the cartoon jackal. As far as I am concerned, I like to use straight lines with sharp ends. There are a few things to notice for this particular animal.

First, a small bump is added on the forehead. The snout is slightly pointed on top. Also, notice how the mouth is made from the line used to create the snout. The tail is made from long curved lines. 

How To Draw A Cartoon Jackal

adding the missing body parts

Most parts of the body come in pairs. Jackals are not different. On top of the head, you can draw a second ear using two curved lines. On the bottom of the illustration, two legs are missing. Simply draw both remaining legs using the original ones as a guideline. Nice! This lesson is progressing nicely.

How To Draw A Cartoon Jackal

Working inside the head

The face is the most important area of a cartoon character. Just start by drawing a medium circle to illustrate the eye. The pupil is made from a smaller circular shape. The nose is added using a short curved line. This cartoon animal is really brought to life with all these fun additions.

How To Draw A Cartoon Jackal

sketching simple details to improve this cartoon jackal

A few hairs can be drawn on the cartoon animal to enhance this one even more. First, draw hairs on the tail using short curved lines. Another small hair is created on the chest of the creature. Finally, tiny lines are sketched on the paws of the jackal. We are done with the drawing aspect of this lesson, but we are not done yet with the lesson itself.

How To Draw A Cartoon Jackal

Let's play with colors!

Our cute character is mostly filled with bright brown colors. Body parts located behind the subject are filled with a darker version of the same color. You can also use this dark brown color inside the pupil and the nose.

How To Draw A Cartoon Jackal

adding basic patches inside the subject

In this step, let's add colorful patches inside the drawing. Some patches will be darker while others must be brighter. First, sketch a bright patch inside the front ear. Another similar patch is created on the chest. Then, add dark patches on the back and the tail of the animal.

How To Draw A Cartoon Jackal

Great work! This fun lesson is now completed!

Below, you can see the final image once this lesson is finished. You can also have access to all steps grouped into a single illustration. Now that you know how to draw a cute cartoon jackal, it's time to unleash your creativity. Don't hesitate to try new postures, new colors or even new styles.

How To Draw A Cartoon Jackal
How To Draw A Cartoon Jackal

I hope you had fun learning to draw this cute cartoon animal. You are invited to try more exotic animals from this site below. These lessons are offering various challenges that can help you improve your drawing abilities even more. After all, practicing is the only key to get better at drawing quickly and effectively. ;)

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