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how to draw a cartoon indian girl that looks fabulous

How to draw a cartoon Indian girl

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create an adorable cartoon Indian girl in just nine easy steps. You will learn how to add basic digital effects to enhance the character using dark shadows, simple highlights and gradient fills. Let's see how we can illustrate this cool subject quickly and easily now ... :)

adding a few basic shapes to get started

Let's begin this lesson by drawing a few basic shapes that will be used to create a template. First, you can draw a large circle to form the head. The neck and the shoulders are represented by small rectangles. The body is done using a long and thin rectangle while both arms are created from smaller rectangular shapes.

How to draw a cartoon Indian girl

It's now time to draw our cute cartoon Indian girl

Using mostly long curved lines with pointed ends, you can now sketch the character as shown in the illustration below. Notice how the tip of the chin is sharp, how ears are made from very small circles and how the head is larger than the shoulders. You can also draw delicate hands using short curved lines.

How to draw a cartoon Indian girl

Working inside the head

The facial expression consists of two large eyes made from perfect circles. Pupils are represented by small dots. The nose and the mouth are created from curved lines. Once you are done with this part of the lesson, you can proceed with the next step.

How to draw a cartoon Indian girl

Adding more details

In the middle of the forehead of the character, draw a small circle. You can also draw a small curved line just below the mouth. Another short line is added in the middle of the right arm (but on your left). Complete this step by drawing two large stripes on the dress of the cartoon Indian girl.

How to draw a cartoon Indian girl

time to add some colors

Adding colors to this illustration is mandatory if you want to end up with an appealing illustration. Before adding multiple effects like gradient fills, shadows and highlights, it's a good idea to simply add plain colors to have something to work with.

For now, you can add a dark gray color to illustrate the hair. The dot is red and the skin is slightly dark. The dress of the lady is filled with a bright red color. Both stripes inside the clothing are orange. Pupils are black.

How to draw a cartoon Indian girl

gradient fills to add some basic effects

It's now time to add some basic effects to this cartoon character. First, you can add some gradient fills to all shapes so that the drawing looks more polished. See, for instance, how the bottom of the face is darker than the top. The same this is done for the dress. Some areas like the air are darker on top rather than the bottom.

How to draw a cartoon Indian girl

Strong shadows to create volume

Yeah ... I know the drawing below looks strange, but all new shapes added are temporarily surrounded by a blue outline. All these new shapes are dark and partially transparent to create a realistic effect. You can add these new shadows below the eyes, the nose, the hair, the arms, the stripes and the neck.

How to draw a cartoon Indian girl

Highlights to create even more depth

You can now have a better look at all shapes added earlier. See how the eyes are now surrounded by subtle shadows, just like the nose and the arms. New shapes in this step (still surrounded by a blue stroke) are now white and also partially transparent.

How to draw a cartoon Indian girl

We are done ... a cute cartoon Indian girl drawn in nine easy steps

Once again, you can now see the result of the previous step inside this new illustration. Shoulders are brighter and the top of the hair is shiny and more realistic too. This is it! This lesson on how to draw a cute cartoon Indian girl is now completed.

How to draw a cartoon Indian girl

All steps can be seen here

Below you can see all steps required to illustrate this character quickly and easily. Don't hesitate to practice by sketching your own characters and by adding different effects. You can play with the posture of your character, with textures, shadows, highlights and gender. Have fun drawing and don't hesitate to try more advanced tutorials here.

How to draw a cartoon Indian girl

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