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Using the cartoon illustrations available on this page, submit your funny scenario and create a strip of your own! Like you can see on the image below, this comic strip involves a son and its parents. What is going on between them? Who are these creatures and what are they doing there?

Just use your imagination and create a sentence that is either funny, emotional or even philosophical! What does this situation inspires you?

What do you think one of the characters might say to the other?

cartoon illustrations

Here are a few tips you might want to read before submitting your idea!

  • Please write the text in the bubble before each of your sentences (ex: Son #1: Hi dad!)
  • Be creative! Try to find something original! Would others submit this idea too (is it too obvious?).
  • Play with different concept and don't hesitate to come up with irrelevant ideas. It might lead to something interesting or innovative.
  • Read what others have submitted and try to find a different angle!
  • Of course, text that are offensive or inappropriate won't be published. It's useless to submit them!

Submit your text using the submission form below!

These submissions are now available for reading purposes only. Thanks for all your great work!

These are the ideas that others have submitted in this section:

Click below to see contributions from other visitors. Have fun!

A boy and its parents - Part 3 
1.heya dad!!! 2.what trouble did u get into 3.theres a troll a monster and a leporchan in my closett 4.ohh son it was probably jus your mother wereing …

A boy and its parents - Part 1 
Son #1: Dad! There's,like, all these weirdos in the garage Dad #2: Really??? Son #3: Yeah. Dad #4: Go tell your mum. Mum #5: Yes, yes, Fredrick Son …

Parents ARE Weird Creatures! Not rated yet
Son #1: Dad are you an alien? Dad #2: Of course not! Son #3: Are you sure? Dad #4: Yes it is impossible... Mom #5: Son do your homework already! Son …

monsters in my closet Not rated yet
Son #1:Dad,last night i heard some thing in my closet. Dad #2:It was a dream,you will be fine tonight. Son #3:Ok,but I know what I heard.I'm not going …

the wish of the girl Not rated yet
Once upon a time there was a girl that was in her house sad.Next day,at school,everyone make fun of her because she was short so one time,she dream that …

A boy and its parents - Part 2 Not rated yet
Son: Sigh. Dad: It's for your own good. Now go to sleep or the monsters will get you! Son: Yeah, right. Dad: Trust me, they will. Mom: Go to bed! …

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