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More Cartoon Ideas And Resources for you to enjoy!

Need more resources to generate cool cartoon ideas and help you create more interesting illustrations? Can't find what you are looking for on this site? Then, maybe you can find it here! :)

Additional drawing lessons

Enjoy even more tutorials featuring adorable cartoon illustrations and digital icons. Learn how to draw cool animals that are varied, adorable and all made from basic shapes, elements and filled with plain colors. All you need to draw fun characters can be found here!

2D Animation

Relax and enjoy cool 2d animated movies like my classic film "Amelia and the Evil Tooth Fairy". You can also enjoy more 2d animated movies as well as drawing tutorials on my Youtube Channel. Subscribe now and don't miss any future animations and lessons!

Creative Tips and Techniques

Being creative is crucial if you want to create beautiful and original cartoon characters. For example, there are hundred of ways to illustrate a simple cartoon tomato. These are only a few of them. 

It's also a good idea to learn how to draw simple sketches which is the foundation of every perfect illustration. If you like comic books, then these tips on how to draw manga characters or these resources for creating the perfect comic strips are also relevant. More general tips are also available here. :)

Drawing Tools

Learn more about the best drawing tools available to help you create cool cartoon images and amazing digital work. These simple applications are perfect if you need help to draw cool images and characters! See some of these tools here! 

Drawing lessons (vector)

In this section, you can enjoy a few tips and techniques on how to draw cool vector images using simple applications like Adobe Illustrator or Xara Photo & Graphic Designer. Learn how to draw cool textures, create nice outlines or how to work with perspective. All you need can be found below! :)


It's always nice to learn more about other artists and discover how they create cool illustrations. Learning new techniques, new angles on a subject can only help you improve your own abilities and maybe give you new ideas to create something cool! Read more about these interviews here

Comic Book Reviews

Books are a valuable source or information. You cannot match the interaction you can get with a real artist, but learning using great books (or e-books) is never a bad thing. I have created a few reviews on some resources that can be used to help you learn more about the wonderful world of comics and caricatures. You can't live without them! Trust me! :)

More Fun Lessons

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