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How to Draw A Cartoon Ice Cream Cone

How To Draw A Cartoon Ice Cream Cone

Sketching a fun cartoon ice cream can easily be done in just a few steps using this accessible tutorial. Our version is featuring two scoops filled with brown and purple colors. Of course, a single cherry is sitting on top of the treat. You will also learn how to add basic effects like simple shadows.

Ice cream is loved by almost everyone. Younger, a huge ice cream truck would stop near my house to offer a wide variety of flavors and colors. Unfortunately, this era is over. However, today we are gifted with more flavors than ever. Ready to illustrate this colorful ice cream cone? Great! Let's proceed with the first step now ...

adding basic shapes to start this lesson

First, we need to sketch a few basic shapes to create a template that will be used to draw accurate proportions. You can start with the creation of the first scoop using a large oval shape. Below this new shape, add a triangle to form the cone. Make sure that the cone is slightly narrower than the oval shape.

How To Draw A Cartoon Ice Cream Cone

sketching one more scoop and the cherry

On top of the original oval shape, sketch a second similar shape, but make this one a little bit narrower. Complete this step with the addition of the cherry using a circle and a short curved line. Great! We have all we need to start drawing the cartoon ice cream cone using these shapes as a reference. It's time to get creative!

How To Draw A Cartoon Ice Cream Cone

Let's draw a nice cartoon ice cream cone now!

You can now sketch the silhouette of the ice cream cone using a mix of curved and irregular lines. The shape of the cone (the triangular one) is already perfect, so we don't need to polish this one in this step.

However, both scoops need to be drawn properly. As you can see below, this shapes are now filled with details and are created using a more organic feel. Now that we are done polishing the silhouette of the subject, let's add more details inside the illustration.

How To Draw A Cartoon Ice Cream Cone

adding a basic pattern inside the cone

Next, work on the outline of the cherry to make it more accurate (just like the shape of a heart). Once you are done, you can also add some lines inside your cone to create a basic texture like the one shown below. It's important to add just enough lines to create a realistic pattern, but not too much otherwise it will be hard to read.

How To Draw A Cartoon Ice Cream Cone

sketching great shadows to add more realism

One simple thing you can do to add more realism to the image is to sketch simple shadows. These shadows are located mostly on the left side of the illustration. Once again, you can use a mix of curved lines and irregular ones to complete this part of the tutorial. :)

How To Draw A Cartoon Ice Cream Cone

working with plain colors to complete this tutorial

Now that all lines were created, you can add simple plain colors inside the cartoon ice cream cone to complete this lesson. The cherry on top can be colored in red. The stem can be green. The ice cream is colored in brown (on top) and purple (near the bottom). For the cone, a beige color is required. Of course, these colors are not mandatory. You can use any colors that you want to create your own image.

How To Draw A Cartoon Ice Cream Cone

If you need more help creating this fun illustration, then you can use the image below as a reference. This one contains all six steps needed to sketch and draw our ice cream cone is just minutes. Don't hesitate to try more versions using various colors, patterns or by adding more scoops of ice cream. Be creative and practice as much as possible.

How To Draw A Cartoon Ice Cream Cone

And there you have it! A perfect ice cream cone created in six easy steps. Remember to draw often and you will see that very soon, you will be able to create some nice food with dynamic shadows and realistic proportions too. More cool treats can be drawn below. Some are quite easy while others are filled with complex shadows, textures, patterns and reflections. Enjoy! :)

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