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how to draw cartoon honey that looks so delicious

Drawing a realistic cartoon honey illustration can be quite a challenge. The texture and color of honey is something difficult to duplicate. In this exhaustive tutorial, I will show you how to create appealing effects to your image using shadows, highlights and more. Did you know that honey can be preserved for centuries? That the production of honey can reach 2 million tons worldwide each year? Great! Now that you know a little bit more about this delicious food, let's start this lesson now ...

How To Draw Cartoon Honey

How to draw honey using simple lines and shapes

This lesson is about creating a cool clip art honey image. However, this illustration is also featuring a jar and a honey stick. For this first step, let's create the jar using a few simple lines. The body of the object is made from long curved lines. Shorter lines are used to form the neck and the shoulders of the cartoon jar. 

How To Draw Cartoon Honey

Next, let's work on the honey dipper. This one is made from three different parts. In the middle, you can draw the handle using long straight lines. On the right side, a small circle is added. Finally, the dipping part is made from several short stripes. Don't forget to draw the stick on top of the jar using a slight angle. Make sure the main part of the dipper is located on top of the neck.

How To Draw Cartoon Honey

Using more long curved lines, you can draw the cartoon honey as shown in the illustration below. To represent the thickness of the glass appropriately, make sure to leave a margin inside the jar. Honey located on the stick can be drawn using long perfect lines too. A few more details are needed inside this image to complete the drawing part of this tutorial.

How To Draw Cartoon Honey

Inside the neck of the jar, you can draw a few straight lines as shown below. Notice how all lines don't have the same length. Also, these lines are not necessarily touching the edges of the neck. Finally, you can complete this step by drawing a label on the object. This one is made from simple curved lines and a bee is created in the middle.

How To Draw Cartoon Honey

It's now time to add some colors inside this fun image. For this lesson, let's play with gradients. The jar can be colored in blue. The honey stick is filled with a dark brown color. As for the honey, you can select a bright yellow / orange color. Sometimes, it can be fun to change the color of all outlines. In this case, notice how the strokes found on the jar are filled with a dark blue color. You can use the same technique on the honey (using brown lines).

How To Draw Cartoon Honey

adding cool effects like shadows and reflections

Now the real fun begins! Remember what I said in the beginning of this tutorial? Creating realistic cartoon honey can be a challenging task! From now on, all new shapes added to this image must be partially transparent. If you are not using a vector application, just make sure to create subtle effects by playing with the opacity of the new additions.

For this step, let's start by adding some depth inside the jar. The bottom of the jar is filled with honey, but the top is empty. Creating a new shape colored in blue (dark) can help filled that emptiness. It's also important to add a different color on the honey located outside the jar. Let's make this one slightly more orange. Notice how the top of the new shape found on the stick is partially covering this one.

How To Draw Cartoon Honey

Next, let's create three simple shadows inside our work so that we can end up with more volume. First, you can draw a small shadow near the middle of the honey dipper. A second shadow is drawn on the honey found inside the jar. Finally, you can draw a third shape on the label. In all cases, make sure that these new shapes are partially transparent and filled with a dark color.

How To Draw Cartoon Honey

In this final step, let's work with highlights and reflections. Unlike shapes created earlier, all new elements must be colored in white. However, transparency is still needed to create realistic effects. You can draw highlights on the stick, the honey (inside and outside), the label and the bee. The one located on top of honey (outside the jar) is quite important. It gives this food a delicious and appealing look.

How To Draw Cartoon Honey

nice work learning how to draw a cartoon honey image

You can see the final illustration below. Now that you are more familiar with the creation process of honey, don't hesitate to apply these tips in future work. You can definitely try more versions using different objects, textures and colors. It's not an easy food to illustrate, but it's certainly a rewarding one to get right!

How To Draw Cartoon Honey
How To Draw Cartoon Honey

Above you can see all steps required to learn how to draw honey grouped into a single image. Now that this lesson on creating a cool clip art honey picture is completed, feel free to try more cartoon food here. Have fun drawing and don't forget to practice often. You can start with these additional lessons below. :)

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