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How to Draw Cartoon Heads using simple tips

How To Draw Cartoon Heads Using Simple Tips

Drawing nice cartoon heads is very important when creating a character. No doubt that this part of the body is the most visible one (and the one we are usually focusing most of our attention). Drawing legs or feet is something we can skip depending on the view, but rarely do we forget (voluntarily or not) to illustrate the head or the face of a character.

In this lesson, you will have the opportunity to sketch a simple head made from basic shapes, lines and colors. Once you are familiar with this lesson, you can customize your work and sketch more heads using various textures, colors and postures. Ready? Let's start this simple lesson now. :)

Building a simple template to begin with

First, it can be a good idea to sketch a few basic shapes to create a template. This one will be used to help us illustrate the head in just a few easy steps. Start by adding a large oval shape to form the upper part of the skull.

How To Draw Cartoon Heads

adding a square to represent the jaw

Next, sketch a square to represent the bottom part of the head and the jaw. This new shape must be located on the left side of the oval. As you can see below, both shapes are perfectly aligned on the left (but they are not on the right).

How To Draw Cartoon Heads

sketching lines to help us with the face

Since the character is shown using a small angle, it can be a good idea to sketch a few lines on the face. These lines will be used to add the eyes, the nose and the mouth so that we can create a perfect view. Another line is also added near the bottom to complete the jaw of the character.

How To Draw Cartoon Heads

we have all we need to draw!

Great work! Now that all shapes are created, we have all we need to draw the head itself. You should have a template similar to the one found below. Let's proceed with the next step and draw cool cartoon heads.

How To Draw Cartoon Heads

drawing the silhouette of the subject

Using a long curved line, you can now draw the silhouette of the head. The top of the head and the right side are only made from curved lines. On the left, a small bump is added to illustrate the cheek. The chin is also made from short broken lines.

How To Draw Cartoon Heads

adding the facial features

Inside the head, you can draw the eyes using small oval shapes. Eyebrows are made from thick lines. Notice how both ends are not the same width. For the nose, a long curved line will do. The mouth is also represented with a short line.

Next, you can sketch the ear with a small curved line. The neck is also made from a long irregular line. Now that the structure of the head is created, you can erase all shapes added earlier.

How To Draw Cartoon Heads

working with colors

Black and white images are nice, but adding colors can help create a more appealing illustration. You can also add pupils using small black dots.

How To Draw Cartoon Heads

creating more realistic cartoon heads

You can also sketch small shadows inside the character to create more depth and volume. These new elements are drawn around the eyes, under the nose and on the right side of the head. Small lines are also drawn around the mouth and inside the ear. 

Great work! Now that this version is completed, feel free to sketch your own character. You can add hair, draw more textures, play with colors and try various postures and views.

How To Draw Cartoon Heads

I hope you had fun working with this simple lesson on how to draw fun cartoon heads. More cool tutorials featuring various body parts can be found below. Have fun and remember to practice as often as possible. :)

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