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how to draw a cartoon HD television with style

How to draw a cartoon HD television

In this lesson, you will learn how to draw an appealing cartoon HD television using only a few rectangles and some digital effects that are easy to implement. Drawing such an object is really a simple task if you are having access to a vector application that will create most of the work for you! Ready? Let's work on this basic illustration now! :)

step 1 - drawing a few rectangles to get started

First, you can draw two large rectangles to create the television. Both of these shapes must create a frame around the object. Next, sketch a stand using a small vertical rectangle and complete the bottom of this shape with the addition of an irregular shape that is slightly pointed on both sides.

How to draw a cartoon HD television

step 2 - two more rectangles to create depth

Around the frame created earlier, draw two more rectangles to create more depth and volume near the screen. Both of these elements are used to create a bevel effect that will make this object more realistic. Excellent! Let's add some colors now!

How to draw a cartoon HD television

step 3 - adding plain colors to the object

Before adding simple digital effects to the illustration, we need to add plain colors to the object as shown in the illustration below. For this cartoon HD television image, the screen is filled with a bright orange color while the frame and the stand are colored in black.

How to draw a cartoon HD television

step 4 - working with color gradients to create volume

Inside the screen, add a second color (in this case red) on the bottom of the shape to create more depth. You can also use the same technique around the frame. Indeed, both thin shapes are now darker on the bottom-left and brighter on the top-right of the illustration.

How to draw a cartoon HD television

step 5 - adding reflections and highlights

It's now time to create new shapes inside this simple cartoon HD television to form highlights and reflections. Our goal is to create even more depth and end up with a basic illustration that will be visually appealing and almost realistic.

Around the screen (but inside the frame), draw a white rectangle that will be partially hidden on the bottom-left of the image. You can also add new shapes on the stand and use the same technique (playing with the opacity of the object) to end up with a subtle result.

How to draw a cartoon HD television

step 6 - more reflection for more realism

In this simple step, you can draw two more white shapes inside the screen to represent highlights. First, sketch a circle on the right of the television and a large rectangle on the left. Once again, both of these shapes must be partially hidden near the bottom and slightly visible on top.

How to draw a cartoon HD television

step 7 - two simple shadows to conclude this tutorial

Now that the object is covered with highlights, it's time to draw two simple shadows to complete this lesson. You can start by drawing a long and irregular shape on the bottom of the screen. This new shape must be dark and almost invisible. Only the bottom of the shape should be visible. Use the same technique for the shadow located above the stand.

How to draw a cartoon HD television

the result? a nice cartoon HD television that looks appealing! :)

Below you can see the illustration once all digital effects are added. The final image is clean, appealing and very easy to duplicate. Of course, feel free to draw various models, use different colors or add something different on the screen of your television.

How to draw a cartoon HD television
How to draw a cartoon HD television

You can also see a resume of all eight steps requited to create this illustration above. Practice as much as needed and have fun drawing more objects from the same series here. :)

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