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how to draw a cartoon guide ready to help

How to draw a cartoon guide

Learn how to illustrate a fun cartoon guide made from basic elements and filled with basic special effects. If you need more information or simply need some guidance to find directions, then you definitely want to talk to this guy. Guides are pretty useful to help tourists enjoy a pleasant vacation or animate a session filled with fun facts and information. Let's try to pay tribute to all guides around the world by sketching a simple version ...

step 1 - drawing basic shapes to get started

The first step you need to do is draw a few basic shapes to create the perfect posture and get a small idea of how body parts should look like. It's time to try all the things you can think of since in this step everything can be modified easily. Once proportions and the posture are created, you can proceed to the next step.

How to draw a cartoon guide

step 2 - adding several curved lines

You can now draw the cartoon guide using mostly long curved lines. As shown below, you need to draw a round hat, sketch small ears, draw a tiny pointed chin and create shoes that are short and narrow near the end. Once all lines are drawn, you can erase all orange shapes created earlier. 

How to draw a cartoon guide

step 3 - sketching more details

In this step, you can draw the nose, the mouth, the eyes and the hair. You can also add more details inside the hat, the shirt and the hands. You also need to draw a long line on the pants to separate both legs. We are now done for the drawing aspect of this lesson. It's time to add some colors and play with simple digital effects.

How to draw a cartoon guide

step 4 - a first layer of colors to begin with

The current illustration looks nice, but adding plain colors to your drawing is definitely a good idea. For this character, you can use a light green color for all clothing and the hat. The hair is colored in brown and the eyes are black. Also, notice how all outlines and strokes are filled with a color (instead of remaining black). 

How to draw a cartoon guide

step 5 - color gradients to create a little bit of depth

Plain colors are nice, but it's not enough to create depth and volume inside this drawing. Using color gradients is definitely a better option. As you can see inside the illustration below, this simple effect can add a second version of the same color (usually darker) inside each shape.

For instance, the shirt of the cartoon guide is darker on the bottom, but brighter on top.

How to draw a cartoon guide

step 6 - highlights to add more realism to the character

Some areas inside the drawing can also be filled with brighter shapes to give more volume to the character. As you can see below, the top of the hat, the pupils, the face, the shirt, the arms, the legs and the shoes are all covered with new shapes that are partially hidden on top and transparent on the bottom. All blue outlines were added to help you see these new shapes. No need to draw these.

How to draw a cartoon guide

a nice cartoon guide ready to help you!

Once all steps are completed, you should end up with a cute cartoon guide like the one found below. This simple illustration doesn't require much work to get right. Simply take your time to draw all body parts accurately and don't forget to add color gradients and a few basic highlights on all exposed areas.

How to draw a cartoon guide
How to draw a cartoon guide

Above you can see all steps needed to end up with the selected cartoon character. Now that you are more comfortable creating this person, don't hesitate to unleash your creativity and try more postures, new costumes and different digital effects. Practice often and have fun! :)

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