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How to Draw A Cartoon Gorilla with a strong posture

How To Draw A Cartoon Gorilla With A Strong Posture

This lesson will help you learn to draw a cartoon gorilla! Without any doubts one of the largest primates that can be found on earth, gorillas are very impressive to see live!

They are fast, agile and most of all, extremely strong. Meeting this dangerous creature in a jungle most be a terrifying experience! So let's make our experience a little more fun by learning to draw a simple gorilla in this exhaustive ten steps tutorial.

Step 1

How To Draw A Cartoon Gorilla

Like you should always do with every character you draw, start by sketching the head of your gorilla. To do so, simple draw a circle. On this circle, add a small oval to form the mouth of your primate friend.

Step 2

How To Draw A Cartoon Gorilla

Next, let's start working on the arm of the gorilla. Draw a big circle to illustrate the shoulder. Then, add a rectangle and another circle on the end of this new shape to illustrate the elbow.

Step 3

How To Draw A Cartoon Gorilla

Now, let's complete the forearm of our gorilla. Draw a small rectangle and another circle to form the wrist. Finally, add a rectangle to make the final part of the arm and another one to represent the hand.

Step 4

How To Draw A Cartoon Gorilla

Repeat the bottom part of the arm drawn on the previous step to create the right arm of your gorilla. You can also draw a small curve to form the stomach of the primate.

Step 5

How To Draw A Cartoon Gorilla

The lower part of the body is somehow unusual on a gorilla. To create the rear, draw a medium circle just above the elbow of the left arm (but on your right). The leg can be represented with a large rectangle. Just draw a small oval shape to form the feet (or the hand) of this wild creature.

Step 6

How To Draw A Cartoon Gorilla

Time to add some details on the face! First, work on the mouth and draw a horizontal line to split the oval shape in two. Draw the nose by leaving to small curve on top of your shape. Create the eyebrows and the eyes when you are finished.

Step 7

How To Draw A Cartoon Gorilla

Continue working on the head by drawing the naris, the pupils, the top of the head and the ears. 

Step 8

How To Draw A Cartoon Gorilla

Now the most difficult part of the drawing! The arms and the hands! Just refine the outline and make sure to draw some fur near the hands.

Step 9

How To Draw A Cartoon Gorilla

Work on the outline of the back too. The leg should be really shorter than the arms. You can also make them larger and stronger.

Step 10

How To Draw A Cartoon Gorilla

Just add some colors and now, you should have a nice cartoon gorilla ready to take control of the jungle! This tutorial is not easy so don't hesitate to practice drawing the arms and the face of your gorilla as needed. There is unfortunately no better tricks to get better at drawing! Enjoy and don't hesitate to try more cool animals below.

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