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Drawing A Cartoon Golfer ready to play

How To Draw A Cartoon Golfer Ready To Play

Learn to draw a cartoon golfer in this ten steps drawing tutorial filled with simple and useful tips. Golf is an expensive sport that was traditionally reserved to the rich and famous. Today, many men and women are enjoying this technical game throughout the world.

In this lesson, you will learn how to draw a golf player in its starting position. Be careful to draw straight arms while the legs should be bent a little. Just like golf, drawing a golfer requires precision and patience! Ready? Let's start this tutorial now ...

Sketching a template using basic shapes

First, we need to create a basic template made from simple shapes like circles and rectangles. This template will be used to polish the posture and the proportions of the subject. Start by adding the head using a long oval shape. The body is made from an irregular rectangle.

How To Draw A Cartoon Golfer

adding the arms and the legs

Next, you can add more shapes to illustrate the front arm and the front leg. For the arm, you can use two thin rectangles. The hand is done using an oval shape. For the legs and feet of the cartoon golfer, simply use three large rectangles as shown in the image below.

How To Draw A Cartoon Golfer

working on the head

You can use a similar approach to represent the arm and the leg located on the far side of the subject. Once you are done with the arms and legs, you can draw small ears using tiny circles. The cap is drawn with two large oval shapes.

How To Draw A Cartoon Golfer

sketching a simple golf club

Inside both hands of the subject, we need to create the golf club using more simple shapes. The object itself is made from one thin (and long) rectangle and a simple square. Near the bottom of the object, you can also draw a golf ball.

How To Draw A Cartoon Golfer

It's time to polish the character using nice curved lines

For the head, you can use a long curved line while making sure the chin is slightly pointed. The cap is made from more pointed lines and some hair can be added above the ears.

How To Draw A Cartoon Golfer

drawing the perfect posture

We are now reaching the most difficult part of the lesson. Indeed, to create a realistic cartoon golfer, getting the posture right is mandatory. First, make sure both arms are straight and shoulders are up. The back can be slightly bent, but just a little bit. Also, sketching accurate hands is crucial.

For the legs, make sure that the knees are also slightly bent. We don't see the separation between both legs (it's not a good angle for that), but this is also something that needs to be done. Nice work! This posture is great for a cartoon character.

How To Draw A Cartoon Golfer

polishing the golf club

The golf club also needs to be polished using smooth curved lines. Notice how the bottom of the object is created since it's the hardest part to duplicate. Under the golf ball, you can sketch a small line to form the tee. 

How To Draw A Cartoon Golfer

adding a nice facial expression

It's time to create a lovely facial expression using more simple lines and shapes. For the eyes, two large oval shapes are used. Pupils are made from small circles. The nose is done with a tiny short line. For the mouth, a triangular shape can be used. Don't forget to add a tiny tongue.

How To Draw A Cartoon Golfer

let's play with colors!

Golf is a sport filled with traditions. Using the appropriate clothes is one of them. You can use a simple white color for the cap and the shirt. The pants are blue and the shoes are brown. The golf club can be gray. A simple touch of red is needed to represent the tongue of the player.

How To Draw A Cartoon Golfer

adding gradients to our cartoon golfer

You can also add gradients inside this illustration to create more depth and volume. This simple effect can easily be done if you are using a vector application. Adding gradients can also be done manually.

How To Draw A Cartoon Golfer

Now that this lesson is completed, don't hesitate to try more fun athletes using all lessons below. These fun resources will help you learn to draw more images related to sports in just a few minutes. Keep practicing on a daily basis and have fun drawing. :)

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