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How to Draw A Cartoon Gold Fish from simple triangles

How To Draw A Cartoon Gold Fish From Simple Triangles

Drawing a cartoon gold fish can be a fun challenge using simple shapes like rectangles and triangles. In this lesson, you will learn to draw this fun animal using a basic template that can be drawn by anyone, even young beginners. Once you are comfortable working with this creature, drawing more fish using the same technique should be simple and fun. Ready? Let's start working with this fun character now. :)

adding a simple rectangle to form the main shape of the fish

Start with the creation of a basic rectangle to illustrate the head and body of the gold fish. Make sure you leave some room all around the subject so that we can add more body parts and create a recognizable animal quickly and easily.

How To Draw A Cartoon Gold Fish

drawing fins using basic triangular shapes

Next, draw a fin on top of the main shape using a sharp triangle. The fish is facing the left side of the illustration, so make sure that the fin is drawn accordingly. When you are done, you can work on the caudal fin on the back of the animal. The first part is made from an another simple triangular shape.

How To Draw A Cartoon Gold Fish

sketching more fins to create a fun cartoon gold fish

Continue working on the back fin by adding another large triangle behind the cartoon gold fish. This last shape can be large and made from pointed ends. Finally, complete this step with the creation of a tiny fin below the animal as shown in the illustration.

How To Draw A Cartoon Gold Fish

More fins and more details can be sketched inside the character

Let's make sure this cute fish can swim properly by drawing two final fins below the body. These fins can be longer and thinner than the other fin located under the animal. Inside the main rectangular shape, draw a simple line to separate the head and the body of the subject.

How To Draw A Cartoon Gold Fish

drawing simple facial features using basic elements

The eyes can be done using a tiny circle. Make sure this one is empty (and that you are not sketching a dot) since we will add colors inside this shape in the next step. For the mouth, you can use a long broken like located below the eye.

How To Draw A Cartoon Gold Fish

some colors are needed to complete this tutorial

Nice work! You can now add gradients to complete this fun lesson. Since we are creating a gold fish, it can be a good idea to use a bright orange color. The head is filled with a brighter version of this color. For the pupil, you can use yellow. Notice how gradients are making the bottom of certain shapes darker than the top. Great work!

How To Draw A Cartoon Gold Fish

I hope you had fun drawing this cute animal and remember to practice every day to improve the quality of your work. It's the only secret to become better at drawing. More fun fish can be drawn below. Enjoy! :)

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