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How to Draw A Cartoon Goat using simple shapes

How To Draw A Cartoon Goat Using Simple Shapes

Drawing a cartoon goat using only squares, rectangles and triangles can be a fun challenge. This is exactly the path that we will follow for this simple step-by-step lesson. Using all six steps below, you will have the opportunity to duplicate this character in just a few minutes.

Each animal is unique. Capturing the physical uniqueness of each character can be difficult when fewer details are involved. That's why it's important to study this tutorial carefully if you want to make sure that your character looks like a recognizable goat. Ready? Let's proceed with the first step of this lesson below.

Adding the body using a large rectangle

First, let's sketch a large rectangle to illustrate the body of the animal. Notice how this shape is almost a square. Of course, don't forget to leave a little bit of space all around the main shape so that we can draw all body parts around the body.

How To Draw A Cartoon Goat

sketching the head using another rectangle

Inside the main shape, add another small rectangle to form the head. This new element must be drawn vertically. It's important to use proportions that are similar to the ones displayed below. Otherwise, the head might look too large or too small (which is not good).

How To Draw A Cartoon Goat

adding the legs and the beard on the cartoon goat

Under the body, you can draw four small rectangles to form the legs. Both legs on the front must be larger. Legs on the back are also slightly higher to create some perspective. Don't forget to draw a simple beard using a small triangle made from sharp angles.

How To Draw A Cartoon Goat

working on the horns and the hooves

On top of the head, you can draw two sharp triangles to create the horns. You can leave some space between these shapes. You don't need to draw large triangles. Small ones are more than enough.

Under the legs, sketch some hooves using tiny rectangles. Notice how the tip of all shapes is sharp and pointed. Hooves on the back are slightly higher than the ones in front.

How To Draw A Cartoon Goat

More fun details to complete the drawing aspect of this lesson

Inside the head, you can draw two dots to illustrate the eyes of the animal. The nose is made from a small triangle. More triangles are needed to represent the tail and the ears. In both cases, small triangles are needed (not large ones). Nice work! This cartoon goat is almost completed. :)

How To Draw A Cartoon Goat

It's time to add colors!

This fun cartoon animal is nice, but adding colors inside this one would be better. For this tutorial, a wide variety of brown colors are used inside the animal. The nose and the eyes can be black. The horns are gray. You can also use gradients to create more depth and volume.

How To Draw A Cartoon Goat

I hope you had fun learning to draw this cute cartoon goat. Don't hesitate to draw more versions using different postures, colors and proportions. If you want more models to try, simply select another character below. Practicing is the key. Enjoy! :)

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