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How to Draw Cartoon Girlfriends that are having fun

How To Draw Cartoon Girlfriends That Are Having Fun

Learn to draw cute cartoon girlfriends using simple shapes and colors! Friendship is important in the life of everyone. Without friends life is less exciting and exhilarating! In this tutorial, you will learn to draw two girls who are very good friends and very close to each other.

They are sharing many things together, including secrets and enjoyable moments. Of course, you can modify and customize your character(s) as you wish! Anyone can be friends with anybody, so it's really up to you to design the characters you feel are more appropriate.

Working with basic shapes to begin with

First, let's draw a simple template using basic shapes to locate both characters in our work space. You can start by adding to long oval shapes to form the heads of the girls. Below these heads, you can sketch small necks using tiny squares.

How To Draw Cartoon Girlfriends

Below the necks, you can draw two rectangles for each character. These new shapes are used to form the top of the body and the dresses. This step is also crucial to help us work on the posture of the subjects. Notice how both head are near each other, but the dresses are slightly further.

How To Draw Cartoon Girlfriends

The arms are probably the most important parts of this posture. Arms that are closer to the characters are located on the back of the illustration. Both arms located near the ends of the image are just placed near the bodies of the girls. Excellent! These cartoon girlfriends are progressing nicely. :)

How To Draw Cartoon Girlfriends

Polishing the basic shapes

Now that we have basic shapes to help us locate both characters in the illustration, it's time to draw the subjects using nice curved lines.

You can start by working on the heads of the girls. Make sure the chins are pointed and sharp. Eyes are made from large oval shapes. Don't forget to work on the necks too.

How To Draw Cartoon Girlfriends

The bodies are also made from several curved lines. It's time to work on the arms and draw a few basic fingers. Shoulders are visible and the waists of both characters can be slightly narrower.

How To Draw Cartoon Girlfriends

For the dresses, simply add a few basic lines as shown in the illustration below. Make sure corners are smooth and both dresses should be ending near the same imaginary line.

How To Draw Cartoon Girlfriends

Let's bring these characters to life by working on the facial features. Simple dots are used to form the pupils. The noses are represented by short lines. Mouth are large and the tongue is visible in both cases. You can also work on the hair using several long curved lines.

How To Draw Cartoon Girlfriends

adding colors inside all body parts

Of course, this lesson would not be over without the addition of plain colors inside both characters. Don't hesitate to add various hair colors and change the clothing as needed. You can also add simple patterns on the shirts and dresses if you want to. It's all up to you!

How To Draw Cartoon Girlfriends

adding a final effect inside these cartoon girlfriends

One last thing we can do is add gradients inside the characters to create more depth and volume. As you can see below, most parts are now darker near the bottom and brighter on top. This is a simple tip that can help create a more realistic cartoon image quickly and easily.

How To Draw Cartoon Girlfriends
How To Draw Cartoon Girlfriends

I hope you had fun working with these fun characters. You can try more cute illustrations below. Have fun and don't forget to practice often. :)

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