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how to draw a girl with a lovely smile

How to draw a cartoon girl

Learn how to illustrate a simple cartoon girl using a step-by-step lesson featuring an adorable cartoon character. This tutorial is quite accessible to anyone thanks to the simplicity of the drawing and the basic techniques used to create this one. Simply read the written version of this lesson or watch the short video found below to learn how you could draw a beautiful girl like the one located here in just a few minutes!

A few basic shapes and we are done!

Drawing a nice girl can seem like a challenging experience. After all, some details like legs, hands and facial features are very complex to duplicate. Fortunately, you can skip these issues by creating a very basic cartoon version using only a few basic shapes and tons of curved lines. Let's see it in action ...

more steps to learn how to illustrate this cute cartoon girl

Need more information on how to create this lovely character quickly and easily? No problem! I can help! First, we need to sketch a few basic shapes so that we can end up with a template to guide us. The head is made of a large circle while the shirt and dress are done using rectangles. Two small dots are added to form the pupils and the hair is made from straight lines.

How to draw a cartoon girl

Great! Now that we have a few shapes to guide us, let's draw the character itself. Notice how the hair is created from long and soft curved lines. Same thing for the head and smile. Small details are added on the clothing like a flower. Once you are done, you can remove all gray lines used to illustrate the template created earlier.

How to draw a cartoon girl

For now, you should have something like this: a simple cartoon girl made from short and long lines. No useless details or complex shapes. Just a cute basic character that everyone will love. Adding colors is definitely a great idea if you want to enhance your work. 

How to draw a cartoon girl

For this tutorial, the hair of the girl are filled with a simple brown color. The pupils and the dress are colored in purple. The flower is red and yellow. That's pretty much it for this drawing lesson.

How to draw a cartoon girl

Good job! Time to draw more beautiful cartoon women!

Yes, it's time to be creative! Your biggest challenge for now is to try various postures, shapes and sizes. You can also increase the level of difficulty and sketch complex hands with fingers, legs and feet. Playing with facial expressions is another great way to improve your skills.

How to draw a cartoon girl

Just be creative and have fun drawing! :)

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