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How to Draw A Cartoon Giraffe with a lovely look

Sketching a fun cartoon giraffe might seem like an easy task. After all, you just need to create a simple animal with a long neck and you are done. Right? Not exactly. This intriguing animal can be slightly more complex to illustrate properly. In this tutorial, we will study a simple picture of this animal and then I will decompose this one to help you figure out how to create a fun cartoon version.

Giraffes are amazing creatures that are mostly recognizable because they have a long neck, a yellow skin and brown patches. Did you know that a giraffe is strong enough to kill a lion simply by kicking this one? These animals are also pretty lucky : they can sleep for just a couple of minutes each day. I could be productive by doing so too! Giraffes can also survive long periods of time without drinking water. Now that's impressive!

let's study a simple version using the picture found below

Let's study this animal using a bright picture featuring a simple giraffe shown with just a little bit of perspective. First, short hairy horns can be seen on top of the head (1). The jaw and the nose of the giraffe are quite long and pointed (2).

Of course, it's important to sketch a long neck that must be larger on the bottom and narrower near the top (3). Legs are thin, but still filled with strong muscles (4). Don't forget to draw subtle hooves near the tip of the legs (5). Finally, the skin of the character is filled with large brown patches.

How To Draw A Cartoon Giraffe

decomposing the picture into smaller shapes

It's time to take this picture of a giraffe and decompose this one into multiple short shapes. First, the head is done using small short lines. Ears and horns are represented by tiny lines. Dots are used to form the nose and the eyes of the creature.

The neck is made with several flat rectangles. The body is illustrated with a large oval shape. For the legs, you can use more thin rectangles as shown below. Nice work! Let's see how we can use these tips to draw a nice cartoon giraffe.

How To Draw A Cartoon Giraffe

Drawing a cartoon giraffe using basic shapes

It's now time to illustrate this cartoon animal using mostly basic shapes and colors. You can start by sketching a large rectangle to form the body. The neck is done with another thin rectangle. This one must be narrower near the top. 

How To Draw A Cartoon Giraffe

The head is made from an irregular shape. Notice how the area near the mouth is pointed and rounder. When you are done sketching the head, you can add short legs using more thin rectangles.

How To Draw A Cartoon Giraffe

A thin tail is then added using more short straight lines. Two more legs are drawn behind the ones created in the previous step. Hooves are made from small squares that are placed below the legs.

How To Draw A Cartoon Giraffe

We can work on the head and bring this cute character to life. First, sketch the nose and the eyes using dots. Horns are made from straight lines and oval shapes. You can also draw a ear and sketch a patch inside this one.

How To Draw A Cartoon Giraffe

Do you like drawing patches? It's time to cover the character with a few of them. Simply make sure that you are using a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Using only similar shapes can be boring.

How To Draw A Cartoon Giraffe

Add colors inside the illustration and you are done. This fun cartoon giraffe is filled with a subtle yellow color. Patches are colored in brown while the nose, the eyes and the horns are black.

How To Draw A Cartoon Giraffe

more fun images of giraffes to work with!

Now that we are done learning how to draw a cartoon giraffe using basic shapes, you can try drawing more versions of this animal using some of the examples below. You can select a funnier look (3), draw another character with exaggerated features (1) or try something more realistic (4). Of course, you can also study all images found on this page and create a character of your own. That's an excellent exercise!

How To Draw A Cartoon Giraffe

I hope you had fun learning how to draw these animals using basic shapes, lines and colors. If you are still interested in learning more giraffes using various tutorials, then perhaps you can try more lessons found on this site below. Have fun drawing and don't forget to practice on a daily basis.

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