How to Draw A Cartoon Giraffe

Drawing a cartoon giraffe: some fun facts before starting sketching!

  • Giraffe are strong enough to kill a lion by kicking it.
  • A giraffe will only sleep for a couple of minutes each day (lucky them!).
  • They can survive for a very long period of time without drinking water.
  • Their tong can be as long as 20 inches!

Step 1

How to draw a cartoon giraffe step 1

Drawing a cartoon giraffe is not so difficult since this animal has so many physical uniqueness to choose from! Whether it's the long neck (3), the brown manes (6) or the short hairy horns (1), this animal is very easy to recognize, so therefore, should be easy to draw too! Don't forget to take a look at the big jaw (2) and the long but powerful legs (5)!

Step 2

How to draw a cartoon giraffe step 2

Let's take a look at our giraffe! The body is made of a simple circle. The neck could be represented by small rectangles to imitate the flexibility of the bones. The legs are made with long but thin rectangles.

The head is a little more irregular but still easy to draw. The horns and the ears are made, in this case, with simple straight lines.

Step 3

How to draw a cartoon giraffe step 3a How to draw a cartoon giraffe step 3b

Ok! Time to draw a simple giraffe! First, start by drawing the body using a rectangle. Next, sketch the neck using another rectangle. Notice how this one is narrower on top. Continue your work by adding two legs and the head.

How to draw a cartoon giraffe step 3c How to draw a cartoon giraffe step 3d

Next, draw the legs on the far side of the giraffe. You can also add the tail by drawing two small rectangles. It's now time to add some details on the head. You can draw the eyes and the nose using only dots. The horns are made using thick lines. 

How to draw a cartoon giraffe step 3e How to draw a cartoon giraffe step 3f

Time to add the brown manes! Use your creativity to place them where you think they fit best! Add colors to make the whole thing more enjoyable!

Step 4

How to draw a cartoon giraffe step 4

In this example, we made a simple giraffe using mostly rectangles. But you can also play with the length of the neck (4), the shape of the head (3) or the size of the horns (1)! Just enjoy yourself and have fun!

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