Drawing a cartoon gingerbread man ready to be eaten

In this lesson, I will show you how to draw a cartoon gingerbread man that looks cute and funny in just a few basic steps. You will learn how to create basic effects and textures so that you can end up with an adorable version of this character quickly and easily. Let's start working on this delicious tutorial now ...

How to draw a cartoon gingerbread man

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drawing the silhouette of the character

The fun thing about this lesson is the fact that the character can be drawn irregular lines and shapes. Indeed, you don't need to draw a perfect circle to create the head for instance. For this step, simply sketch the silhouette of the head, the arms, the body and the legs.

How to draw a cartoon gingerbread man

adding fun details using more irregular lines

Inside the head, you can draw two eyes and a mouth as shown in the illustration below. On the body, draw three small circles to represent buttons. More icing can be drawn near the wrists and the ankles of the cartoon gingerbread man.

How to draw a cartoon gingerbread man

working with gradient colors

Our subject is mostly filled with a light brown color. Using gradients, you can make the bottom of the character darker and the top slightly brighter. Icing is colored in white, except for all three buttons located in the middle of the body.

How to draw a cartoon gingerbread man

sketching simple shadows

It's now time to make this illustration even more appealing. To do so, we can start by creating shadows on the character using new darker shapes. It is highly recommended to make these new shapes partially transparent. After all, our goal is to create subtle shadows, not dramatic ones! ;)

For this step, you can create new shapes inside both eyes and on the bottom of the mouth. You can see the new additions below (with a temporary pink outline).

How to draw a cartoon gingerbread man

creating more shadows

Using the same technique, you can add more shadow below the eyes and the mouth as well as on the side of the head. Keep drawing shadows on the bottom of the arms and legs, below the buttons and below the icing. Excellent! This lesson on how to draw a gingerbread man is going well!

How to draw a cartoon gingerbread man

highlights to create more depth

Adding shadows to create more volume is a pretty good idea, but mixing these shadows with a few highlights is even better. These new shapes must be filled with a bright color (usually white) and are also partially transparent. You can draw a few reflections on top of the head, below the neck and on all three buttons.

How to draw a cartoon gingerbread man

a simple texture to complete this tutorial

You can complete this lesson by adding textures all over the character. For this step, all you need to do is draw small dots inside the head, the body, the arms and the legs. These new dots (shown in blue below) can be filled with a simple dark brown color.

How to draw a cartoon gingerbread man

good job learning how to draw a cartoon gingerbread man!

I hope you had fun learning how to draw a gingerbread man using this simple lesson. You can try to illustrate more versions of this adorable character using new textures, new colors or even new postures. Like I said earlier, this subject is perfect if you prefer to work with images that don't require perfect lines, shapes or even digital effects.

How to draw a cartoon gingerbread man
How to draw a cartoon gingerbread man

You can see all steps needed to draw our cartoon gingerbread man above. Now that we are done with this character, feel free to try more cool lessons from the Christmas section of the site here. You can also try some fun treats below. Enjoy! :)

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