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How to Draw A Cartoon Ghost with a scary face

You can learn to draw a cartoon ghost using simple shapes and lines using the basic lesson found on this page. I will also help you analyze the character so that you can understand all you need to know about the features that need to be added to the image. Finally, more fun ghosts are available on the bottom of this page if you want to try different characters and try various styles and designs.

Ghosts have been around for a long time. Whether they are covered with a blanket or simply assuming a human silhouette, these scary creatures are very present in the popular culture. Of course, they are mostly present in books or horror movies. Let's proceed with the first part of this tutorial : analyzing a simple picture of a real ghost. :)

Let's study this character using a simple picture

Since a ghost can have various appearances, let's study the most common one : the character covered with a piece of clothing. In this very basic Halloween costume, holes are made into the fabric (1) so that the creature can see through. Several folds are visible on the bottom part of the character.

On the left side of the character (2), shadows are stronger. On the right side, it's the opposite (3). This area is bright and more reflective. It's also fun to note that the bottom of the subject (4) is partially hidden. Invisibility is a fun characteristic of this amazing character.

How To Draw A Cartoon Ghost

Decomposing the picture into shapes

Below, you can see the picture once this one is separated in various shapes. The head is represented by a large circular shape. Two small oval shapes are used to form the eyes of the creature. The clothing and the folds are made from various rectangles. Like I said earlier, this is a very basic subject. Important body parts like the arms, the legs, the shoulders and the feet are simply not visible.

How To Draw A Cartoon Ghost

How to draw a cartoon ghost

Now that we are more familiar with the anatomy of this basic model, let's try to sketch a simple version using the lesson found below. First, you can draw a few basic shapes to help you locate the character in your work space. The head is done from a simple oval shape while the body and shoulders are made from an inverted triangle.

Once both shapes are completed, you can polish the silhouette of the creature. Notice how the bottom part of the illustration is done using small curved lines. Inside the head, you can draw both eyes using irregular oval shapes. The mouth is done using another large shape. Add gradients inside your image and make sure the bottom part is partially transparent. Good work!

How To Draw A Cartoon Ghost

More fun versions to work with

Even if you plan on using only a version that consists of a creature covered with a blanket, then several alternatives are possible. The first one is similar to the character we have drawn previously. The second one is more complex. Folds are detailed and shadows are added in strategic areas. The third option is funny and very basic too. The sixth cartoon ghost is featuring large hands and a more expressive face. All these lessons are pretty basic to illustrate.

How To Draw A Cartoon Ghost

I hope you had fun learning how to draw ghosts using all characters found on this page. This is a simple subject to get right and no doubt that you can already draw a basic ghost that looks cute and appealing. If you want to learn how to draw more versions, then feel free to take a look at all images below. Have fun drawing and remember to practice as often as possible. :)

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