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How to Draw Cartoon Food that will make you hungry

How To Draw Cartoon Food That Will Make You Hungry

Nothing is more enjoyable than drawing delicious cartoon food like strawberries, eggs or pizzas! Most of the food that you can draw can be done with just a few basic shapes. Nothing complicated, just a few lines and some vivid colors!In fact, your biggest challenge will be to create food that is visually interesting. Textures and lighting are crucial. Most fruits are juicy and often covered of water, so it is not easy to depict all these qualities through a simple illustration.

Don't hesitate to add dark areas to illustrate shadows. It's also important to add bright colors (and white areas that are exposed to lighting) to create even more contrast and bring your food to life. Each tutorial is filled with all the explanations you need to create the perfect dish. Unlike vehicles that require the use of accurate shapes and proportions, your goal when drawing food is to get the textures and appearance right.

A few examples to make you hungry!

Cookies ... nothing is better than a delicious home-made cookie! In this lesson, you can see that drawing this popular cartoon food can easily be done using only a few basic circles, irregular curved lines and plain colors. That's right! No need to add color gradients to create depth or volume.

The basic shadow added on the left of the illustration is a nice addition if you want to give more personality to your work! You can either try the video lesson or use the written tutorial found below. More videos featuring delicious food can be found on my Youtube channel.

Cartoon food - cookie

another simple lesson ... an egg!

One circle, one rectangle and many curved lines are needed to draw a simple egg like the one found below. Once again, only plain colors are added in the cartoon image to create the final result. See how the yolk seems bright and delicious? This effect is only created through a simple shadow placed on the left and a bright reflection added on top. Good work!

Cartoon food - eggs

A slightly more challenging cartoon food ...

Drawing a beautiful cartoon watermelon like this one can easily be done if you follow all steps carefully. First, you need to draw one straight line on top and four curved lines below the fruit to create the basic shape. Then, add several small seeds inside the image using tiny oval shapes made with one pointed end.

The fruit is filled with a bright red color. All green layers are brighter near the middle and darker on the outside. As seen in step number six, you can also add color gradients to complete this lesson. Notice how this watermelon doesn't have any strokes or outlines.

Cartoon food - Watermelon

a more exotic food ... a juicy sushi!

This drawing lesson is all about drawing textures and adding color gradients. Indeed, the shape of this cartoon food is extremely easy to achieve. The success of this tutorial is based on drawing realistic rice and creating a believable reflection on top of the sushi. Are you still hungry?

Cartoon food - sushi

Playing with perspective using a large ham

If you are still following me (and not somewhere around the refrigerator trying to eat some delicious food), then you can try to draw this excellent piece of ham using perspective. Since our subject is made of irregular lines (unlike a table or a desk for example) adding perspective is relatively easy.

All you need to do is draw a long oval shape and sketch a rectangle on the right. The bone is made from a small rectangle and two thin circles. Don't forget to add basic textures all over the ham to end up with a cute cartoon illustration.

Cartoon food - ham

a huge steak loaded with flavors ...

Ok ... I admit it. The title above was simply used to make you even hungrier! If you want to draw a big juicy steak successfully (sorry ... I did it again!), then you need to draw the perfect lines, use relevant colors and add subtle color gradients as shown in the sixth step. Unlike all cartoon food we have drawn so far, this one is surrounded by strokes that are filled with colors (not black ones).

Cartoon food - steak

Have fun drawing all the food available on this page. Remember to practice as often as possible! Drawing delicious food is an art that only a true chef can achieve!

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