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How to Draw Cartoon Flowers that are cute and simple

Drawing cartoon flowers is something that most kids can do pretty early in their lives. Sunflowers are very easy to illustrate since they are mostly made from oval shapes, circles and curved lines. Once you can sketch these shapes, then drawing a wide variety of fun flowers become an easy task. In this tutorial, we will study a simple picture featuring a colorful subject. Then, I will decompose this image into shapes. Finally, you will be able to learn how to draw flowers using a simple step-by-step process.

The fun thing with this subject is that you can use various shapes and colors to achieve your goal. Flowers can be tiny and fragile or large and filled with complex patterns. Did you know that in the US, over one billion roses are sold each year? It's also fun to note that the "fleur-de-lys" was the symbol of the French royal family. It is also the symbol of Quebec and can be seen on the flag of this Canadian province.

Analyzing our subject using a fun picture

In the picture found below, you can see two similar flowers filled with different colors. The one on the left is pink while the one on the right is mostly fuchsia. In both cases the center is yellow. Flowers are made of petals (1 & 2) as well as a thin and delicate stem (4).

Simple textures can be seen on the petals of both subjects. They also have a few simple black dots added in the middle (all dots disposed in a circular pattern). Nice! It's now time to see how we can convert this basic image into fun cartoon flowers.

How To Draw Cartoon Flowers

Breaking down the picture into basic shapes

If you want to draw both flowers found in the picture above, then you would need to work with a few basic shapes as shown below. In both cases, the center is done using small circles. Since the petals are not all displayed using a perfect angle (or perspective), you will need a few different shapes to illustrate those.

Notice how petals located on the left drawing (near the bottom) are flat and different from the ones found near the top. For the stems, all you need to do is sketch a long line. 

How To Draw Cartoon Flowers

Let's draw a basic flower using simple shapes

Now that we have studied our subject using a real picture, let's try to draw a simple version using mostly basic shapes. First, draw the center of the plant using a tiny circle. Petals are then added all around the center using subtle oval shapes.

Next, draw a stem using two long curved lines. You can also draw a few leaves using most short curved lines. Gradients are added inside the image to create more depth and volume. 

How To Draw Cartoon Flowers

More cartoon flowers for you to enjoy!

This lesson was based on the first flower available below. Of course, you can easily work on various species to end up with a different result. Flowers can be complex (2) or made from basic elements (4). If you feel creative, you can also draw characters using flowers as a starting point (5 & 6). You don't need to use a reference to draw beautiful flowers. Using your imagination to create a fictional image is fine too. :)

How To Draw Cartoon Flowers

I hope you had fun learning to draw cartoon flowers using all the tips found on this page. Practice as often as possible and don't hesitate to create complex shapes, work with shadows or sketch amazing textures. Possibilities are endless! Feel free to try more flowers using all three links below. :)

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